What is that boy in step up 3?

Updated: 9/22/2023
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Q: What is that boy in step up 3?
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Is step up 3 same as step up 3D?

yes,exept that step up 3D is in 3D while step up 3 is in 2D

How do you get a girl that has a boy friend?

Step your game up

Will there be a sequel to Step Up 3?

The sequel will be Step Up 4Ever.

Is it the same girl in step up 3 from step up 2?


Why did Adam sevani need a stunt double in Step Up 3?

Because b boy cloud happened

Who played in step up 2?

what is the boy who played in the movie step up 2 real name. the one they called moose.

What can you ask a boy to see if they like you the same why you like him?

Play A Game With Him, A Questions Game, STEP 1: Ask Him To Play it With You STEP 2 : Make Up Questions, STEP 3: On Your, 5th Turn , Ask him "Who Is It You Fancy, Nothing You Say Will Me Spoken Of" STEP 4: If he Likes YOu Back, Ask Him Out STEP 5: Good Luck <3

What is the boy from step up the film called the fit one?


Who sings 2 step in step up 3?


Is Step Up 3D the same movie as Step Up 3?

Yes, Step Up 3D is the same movie as Step Up 3. The only difference is that you would need 3D glasses to experience the depth perception of the 3D version.

How many movies are in the Step Up Franchise?

As of right now, there as been four Step up movies released since their introduction in 2006. The titles are Step Up, Step Up 2: The Streets, Step Up 3-d and the recently released Step Up Revolution.

Who is the robot dancer in the movie Step Up 3?

Madd Chadd Smith is the robot dancer in Step Up 3.