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uno de mayo

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Q: What is the 1 of may called in spanish?
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What was the disease called at the end of World War 1?

'Spanish Flu' .

How many people live in spanish?

4 boys and 1 girl Three called Jose, and 1 called Manuel, and Consuela

How was America able to defeat the Spanish in the Spanish-American War?

By first isolating the Spanish Army in the Philippines with the 1 May 1898 total destruction of the Spanish Fleet.

Children of the spanish and native Americans?

If you are born in the USA you are American. If both your parents (ore only one) is Spanish, you may opt to have dual US/Spanish citizenship. You may claim to be American of Sponish parents. You may be talking about your citizenship/upbringing vs your ancestry. Almost no one is all one anything.

What is the second episode of Community called?

For season 1 its called "Spanish 101" and for season 2 its called "Accounting for Lawyers"

How many spanish people live in US?

4 boys and 1 girl Three called Jose, and 1 called Manuel, and Consuela

Does 911 speak Spanish?

Yes, all 9-1-1 call centers are required to have a Spanish speaking call taker. You may encounter an English speaking operate, simply state. "I speak Spanish", in spanish and you'll be routed to a spanish speaking operator.

The first action of the spanish american war took place in?

the Philippine islandmanila bay May 1, 1898

What is a Spanish girl called?

A spanish girl is called chica

What was the first significant battle of the Spanish American War?

The Asiatic Squadron's attack on the Spanish Fleet at Manila Bay on 1 May 1898.

Where was the 1st action of the Spanish American War?

The US attack of the Spanish Fleet in Manila Bay on 1 May 1898 by Commodore Dewey.

What are the floats called in spanish?

Floats are called "carrozas" in Spanish.