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the border between north and South Korea

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Q: What is the 38th parallel?
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Who created the 38th Parallel?

See website: 38th parallel north

What war is the 38th parallel associated with?

The 38th parallel is associated with the Korean War.

When was Korea divided by the 38th parallel?

Korea was divided by the 38th parallel in the year 1945.

38th parallel divides north and south?

North and South Korea are divided by the 38th parallel.

What was the 38th parallel and why was it important in the Korean war?

38th parallel devided north from south korea.

Did the 38th parallel divided Korea before the war?

38th parallel divided Korea before the Korean war, the 38th parallel was built before the war in 1945

Why was the 38th parallel important to Korea?

the 38th parallel represented the border between the North and South Korea A+

What did the 38th parallel divide between?

The 38th parallel was the border between North and South Korea, and still is.

What continents does the 38th parallel cross?

38th Parallel North: North America, Europe, and Asia. 38th Parallel South: South America and Australia.

When was the 38th parallel created?

The 38th parallel was created in August of 1945. The purpose was to create a boundary between American and Soviet occupational zones.

What year was the 38th parallel made?

July 1953 was when the armistance that 'ended' the Korean war was signed and the 38th parallel was established as a boundary.

Nation divided at the 38th parallel of latitude?

Korea is divided into communist North Korea and republican South Korea at the 38th parallel. . Korea is divided in communist North Korea and republican South Korea at the 38th parallel. (The Billy Joel song "Leningrad" contains the line, "Stop 'em at the 38th parallel" in reference to the Cold War and specifically the Korean War.)

What is the DMZ in Korea?

38th Parallel.

What was significant about the 38th parallel?

that it was in korea

What parts of Korea did the 38th parallel divide?

the 38th parallel divided the communist Northern part of Korea and the capitalist Southern part of Korea.

What parallel of latitude divides North Korea and South Korea?

The 38th parallel.

What parallel was agreed to as a border between North and South Korea?

It was the 38th Parallel.

Parallel of latitude where Korea divided after World War 2?

38th parallel

Where is the Korean peninsula divided?

At the 38th Parallel

What paralll was Korea divided into?

At the 38th parallel.

What is the dimilitarized in the Korean War?

38th parallel

What country is divided at the 38th parallel?


What country is diveded at the 38th parallel?


Who was in control of the 38th parallel?

bob Marley

What was the divider in the Korean War?

The 38th Parallel.