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Q: What is the 3 characteristics of air?
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What are 3 characteristics of low air pressure?

its low its low its low

How do air masses get there characteristics?

Air masses get their characteristics from where they are made

What are the 3 characteristics of an air mass?


What are the two major characteristics change when air is heated and cooled?

How do these characteristics change the movement of air?

What are the basic characteristics used to describe air mass?

Air masses are described by two basic characteristics. Temperature and moisture, or humidity, are the main characteristics that define an air mass.

What three characteristics must an air mass have to be considered an air mass?

The three characteristics of air mass : 1. It must be a matter( molecules ) in gaseous state. 2. It must occupy space over the terrestrial zone called atmosphere. 3. It must have the right mixture of Oxygen,nitrogen & other gases to constitute air

What are two possible humidity characteristics of air masses?

it is tropical air and continental air.

What the characteristics of a humid climate?

1. your hair gets frizzy 2. air is stuffy 3. you can see condensation on cold objects

What is the properties and characteristics of clean air?


What are the characteristics of gases and vapors that are heavier than air?

They sink below the air.

What is the characteristics of a sphere?

name 3 characteristics of a sphere

What do the characteristics of air masses depend on?

source region actually the answer is air masses are classified by a combination of words the 1st word represents where the air mass forms(maritime or continital) the 2nd is the temperature(polar or tropical)