What is the 4th dimension?

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While no scientific theory is ever (or should be) closed to controversy, the answer currently accepted by most Physicists (thanks to Einstein) is that the fourth dimension is time, or that time is the way we experience the fourth dimension.

It depends on your concept of what exactly is a dimension. Initially dimension, as a concept, was determined by a measured displacement or finite movement. Typically one experiences going from Point A to Point B, as a change in placement. As one travels, some x amount of distance has been covered, the same is true of time, as it has passed as the distance was traveled. Typically in math the number of dimensions available, is only limited by your computer and you imagination. But I digress, dimensions are about how many perpendicular lines can cross at any one Point. Volume and space are words that describe 3D type dimensional concepts. The 'D' in 3D stands for 'dimension'. We all know up and down, left and right, and forward and reverse. So then, what else is there, in a linear displacement type distance environment?

The definition : hyper- pref. 1. Over; above; beyond: hypercharge. 2. Excessive; excessively; relates more to your question, and in terms of Extension that Creates Dimension, 'Hyperspace' is a more correct Label for the 4th dimension.

In Hyperspace, one can have four lines intersect at one point, each perpendicular to the others.

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Q: What is the 4th dimension?
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Is not time a dimension?

yes,time is the 4th dimension...

What is the 4th dimention?

the 4th dimension is time

Why is the placement of your dimension important?

You wouldn't want to end up in the 4th dimension.

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What does 4d mean?

The 4th dimension is time.

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What would it be like and what would you see if you entered the fourth dimension?

The 4th dimension is time. Each second that ticks by is one second spent in the 4th dimension. To "enter" the 4th dimension is basically saying you could travel through time, something many scientists say is impossible, although Hollywood says is possible in a DeLorean.R.HarndenCanada

If the 4th dimention is time what is the 5th dimention?

The unification of time and space, known as spacetime is the 4th dimension in time. The eternal now is perceived as the 5th dimension in time.

Is the 4th dimension time or the existing dimension copied and place adjacent?

It can be anything you like, although often it is time.

What state does cj Adams live?

4th dimension or Purgatory...

What 4th dimension warped near black holes?

The fourth dimension is time, and it does become warped near a black hole.

Does 4D exist in maths?

Yes and no.Only in maths does this exsist.Yeah but........ Time itself doesn't exsist.So if there is no time.There's not really a 4th dimension. I.E in maths time is not the 4th dimension yes it does exist in maths, there have even been drawings of 4d cubes. A possible reason they call time 4th dimension is because it is pictured as a series of 3d cubes rotating & interchanging on the 4th dimension i.e different time frames but there is no proof of this.

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