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Carnival Of Carnage

The Ringmaster

Riddle Box

Great Milenko

Amazing Jeckel Brothers

The Wraith: Shangri-La

The Wraith: Hells Pit


Boom Pow Bang

The Mighty Death Pop (Which Is Not Out Yet)

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Q: What is the 6 joker cards of icp?
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18 Joker

In 1992 ICP recorded what album?

Carnival of carnage, the first of the six joker cards.

Why did ICP make a 2nd deck of the joker cards?

So they could continue making decent LPs

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How many records has the insane clown posse sold?

ICP has released a ton of albums and the most popular is the Joker Card Era which consist of 7 albums. The second and thrid Joker Cards (The Ringmaster and The Riddle Box) has went Gold,That means they sold more then 500,000 copies.The fourth and fifth Joker Cards (The Great Milenko and The Amazing Jeckel Brothers) has went Platinum,That means they sold more then 1,000,000 copies.

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odd card

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