What is the ACt score to get into EKU?

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Check out the link, "EKU Admission Requirements." http://www.eku.edu/futurestudents/requirements.php
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What does your act score have to be to get into UCLA?

Answer . Just try to get above an 1500 which is still kinda low. 1800 and above is best. I know someone who had an 1800 and got in there.. I think you were talkong about sat not act!!!. Yes, the ACT is on a 0-36 scale, with a 36 being a perfect score. I would aim for a 30 or higher... you can g ( Full Answer )

What is a good act score?

The act is scored in a similar fashion to a bell curve.. view http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:Actgraph.jpg. The national average is about 20, so a good score depends on what kind of a student you are. Scoring ranges from 1-36. However, less than two percent of students score from 30-36. The 90% ( Full Answer )

How do you convert 1970 ACT scores to current ACT scores?

In 1970, the average ACT scores was about an 18. Now it's like a 21. So its about three points higher. If you got a 28 on your ACT in 1970, it would be the equivalent of having a 31 on your ACT now.

ACT test scores?

ACTs are scored with a maximum score of 36. This means that you answered every single question on the test correctly. A 36 is comparable to a 2400 on the SATs.

What does a score of 20 mean on the act?

On the ACT achievement test, a composite score of 20 indicates aroughly average (just above 50 percent) performance based onpercentile ranking of the scores achieved by other test-takersaround the nation. It is important to note that a composite scoreis the result of an averaging of the scores achie ( Full Answer )

ACT score needed for mizzou?

\n24 is automatic, but a 22 or 23 would still work with testing in. \n24 is automatic, but a 22 or 23 would still work with testing in

What are good ACT scores?

Thirty six is the highest score a person can get on the ACT. Ageneral rule is that any score that is above fifteen is a goodscore.

Is 25 a good ACT score?

It is a good score! But it really depends on what school you are trying to get into.. A state school: It is a very good score and you will be fine.. School more competative: Their ranges are typically like 22-28 or so and you will most likey get in (also depending on GPA).. Schools like Harvard: ( Full Answer )

How good is a ACT score of 31?

such a good score that it is clear you too smart to not know how good it is, and that you are just showing off :) Not really. I'm 12 and I got 28, and I know someone in my grade who got 34. But it's good compared to the national average

Is 17 a good ACT score?

That depends on if it is a composite score or a score on one particular section of the ACT. See the Related Link for more information.

Is 22 a good ACT score?

This is an okay ACT score. It meet bench marks but will not get youa scholarship just because of the score.

What is considered a high ACT score?

\nA high ACT score depends on the college you plan on applying to.\nA 20 composite is roughly the national average while some private schools require well above a 30. \nMost State and Public schools require a 23-24 minimum depending on the school.

Is 21 a good act score?

If a young 13 year old (Sept. BD) in 8th grade scored a composite score of 21 on the ACT, would that be considered a good score, all things considered?

What is the highest score on the act?

The highest score on the ACT is a 36. This is comparable to a 2400 on the SAT. A score of 36 on each section of the four sections on the test means you answered every question correctly with up to two questions wrong on the reading section. Additionally, the average of the four sections can be round ( Full Answer )

Is a 28 a good ACT score?

Yes, it puts you in the 92%+ percentile. The highest score is a 36. see link for more info on ACT scores.

What is the passing score on an ACT test?

There is no passing score for the ACT. However, as a benchmark, you can say a score between 20 and 23 is average (comparable to a passing score).

Is 36 a good score on the ACT?

it is almost a perfect score. i got a 17.sucks for me actually it is a perfect score, not almost.. i guess that's why this person only got a 17 I got a 17 on reading and a 24 on math. I'm in fifth grade

What is the act score out of?

The ACT test is out of 36. Getting a 36 is comparable to getting a 2400 on the SAT's. I would suggest taking both tests.

What is the ACT score needed to get into Stanford?

Average freshman high school GPA: 3.90 Average freshman SAT verbal score: 715 Average freshman SAT math score: 722 Average freshman ACT score: 26 best of luck finding your college

Can you convert act scores to IQ scores?

\nYes actually;\nthere are several websites out there, but I'll help the best I can:\n(Note: these are all "ish" and relative values for IQ/SAT/ACT scores so give or take some)\nCLASS | SAT | ACT | IQ |\n_______________________________\nLower | 750 | 18 |

Is 26 a good ACT score?

I got a 26 on my ACTand I am soon to be a senior, and I have a 3.5 GPA. Most of my teachers have guaranteed that I will get into a top 100 school easily. So I would say yes, a very good score.

Who accepts low ACT scores?

community college and slum dog private college may accept you if you score low in ACT. don't afraid my dear kids.

What act score is required to get into LSU?

22 LSU - Freshman Admission Requirements There are three factors that will be initially considered for admission to LSU. . Incoming freshman must have at least a 3.0 academic GPA calculated from academic core courses. . Students must also have completed at least 18 units of college prepatory ( Full Answer )

Is a 24 a good act score?

i hope so cause that's what i got lol. it should be pretty good. we did our best right?

Score for the ACT is 17 is that a good score?

It depends on where you plan on going for college . If you are applying to somewhere like Harvard or yale...then you should think about taking the ACT again. But this may be good for a community college.

Is 14 a good act score?

I took the same grade 14 and I am going to retake it because it's not good, for universities sorry

Passing score for act?

there is no pass or fail.. it is simply a intelligence test to gauge how bright you are.

What is the passing score on act?

The ACT is not a test that is necessarily passed or failed. It is a college entrance exam that is used to determine a students ability to use skills that they should have learned in high school at entry level college classes. Each college has different requirements for what they deem to be "passing. ( Full Answer )

What is the scoring for ACT tests?

ACT tests are scored up to 36. You get point fr every answer you get correct. And, you are not penalized for any questions that you get wrong, like on the SAT.

What is the passing score for act?

There is no 'pass/fail' aspect to the ACT. It is graded on a scale of 1-36. The standards of the colleges to which a person plans to apply typically determine one's acceptable score range.

What is the average act score at niu?

Freshman Admission Criteria . Applicants who have graduated or will graduate from a secondary school prior to enrollment at NIU must meet the following criteria to be considered for admission: * . Class rank, grade point average, and ACT/SAT scores: Applicants who rank in the upper half of thei ( Full Answer )

What ACT score do you need to get into ucsb?

Standardized Tests . Scores. Verbal. Math. Writing. Composite (out of). SAT I *. 530 - 650. 540 - 660. 530 - 650. 1600 - 1960 (2400). ACT *. 22 - 29. 24 - 29. N/A. 23 - 29 (36) .

ACT score to get into University of Oklahoma?

The minimum ACT score to get into the University of Oklahoma is a 24. However, if you don't have a 24 you can get into this University by having a 3.0 and rank in the top 30 percent of your class. If you don't have either of these, you can be wait listed and still might be able to get into the uni ( Full Answer )

How is a score of 21 on the ACT?

depending on the school you want to attend, if you want to attend an ivy league school you might wanna aim higher, but its exceptional

Is 14 a bad score for the act?

It is pretty low. The best score you can get is a 36. The national average is around 22, so keep working.

Whats the act score for fidm?

I don't think that FIDM has a set ACT score since the school doesn't require students to take the SAT or the ACT before applying. I have friends who graduated from FIDM and they didn't take the ACT or the SAT so don't worry about taking the test if you haven't already. If you did take the test, just ( Full Answer )

How do you get a good ACT score?

You can get a good ACT score by starting early and studying regularly. While this advice may sound common, that is because it is true. Plan well ahead of your study date to make sure you have enough time to be comfortable with all of the information you need to know to do well on the test.

Do act scores get combined or average?

ACT scores are never averaged and most colleges only take a person's best score from one sitting of the exam. However, there are a few colleges and universities out there that will superscore ACT composite scores. "Superscoring" is when, if someone takes multiple ACT tests, colleges will take the be ( Full Answer )

Is a 15 score good on ACT?

no, im a 7th grader and I got 25. I'm a 7th grader and I got 28. One kid in my grade got 34

What is the ACT score to get into Harper?

For the best information check their website, send the school an email, or give them a call. Besides, your ACT score is not the sole determinent of being accepted or denied.

What ACT score must you have to be a lawyer?

There is no ACT score you must have to be a lawyer. An ACT score is what is needed to get into most colleges, but students who want to be lawyers need to go to law school. This is something they do after four years at a college or university. When you apply to law school, you take a test called the ( Full Answer )

How likely to raise ACT score?

Normally when people raise their ACT score, they do not raise it by much. For example, a person that received an 18 is unlikely to receive a 30 when they retake the test. It is much more likely that a person who received a 20 will receive a 22 the next time. Of course, the best way to increase one's ( Full Answer )

What does you ACT score have to be to get into UNC?

For first-time admission as a freshman, UNC requires a minimum composite ACT of 16. Starting with Fall 2013, they will require a minimum composite ACT of 17. You don't have to meet the minimum if the Chancellor wants to grant you an exception. That's limited to 1% of the incoming freshman class ( Full Answer )

What do eku mean in English?

'eku' used to be a Japanese weapon, a bit like an oar 'écu' was, in various forms, a French coin