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Discover Credit Card offers an intorductory purchase and transfer APR of 0%. After 15 months at 0% APR, the APR will change to a variable purchase APR. The APR will vary from 11.99% to 19.99%.


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"The interest rate on a Wal Mart Discover card is 4.7 percent. Which is not a bad rate, it is a little bit high but at the same time it is the lowest in the credit world."

There are many different low interest rate credit cards. The most popular low interest rate credit cards are the Citi Diamond Preferred Card, the Discover it card, and Slate from Chase.

The advantages of having a credit card with an interest rate is it helps build one's credit faster. The higher the interest rate of the credit card, the higher the credit score.

A good credit card rate depends worldwide. However, a good credit card rate would range from 6% to 8%. But a credit card rate of 5% is more than what most credit card companies ask for. As for Visa, can be from 11% to 20%, depending on the type of card that you are applying for under the company.

Some of the companies that offer low interest credit cards are Citibank, Discover, Barclays, Chase, and Capital One. The interest rate on a card can vary depending on your credit worthiness.

The lowest credit card interest rate at the moment is 7.8%. The credit card that offers 7.8% is Sainsbury's Nectar Low Rate Credit Card. One can find low interest credit cards from the Money Supermarket website.

The interest rate on your Debenhams credit card will be dependent on your credit score and your likelyness to pay your credit card on time. The first 6 months to years interest rate is usually free.

APR stands for annual percentage rate in reference to a credit card. An annual percentage rate is the rate companies or banks charge when one uses a credit card.

When a credit card have a fixed rate, you will always pay each month the same rate on your bill. Some credit cards with an annual fee will offer variable rate depending on what kind of card you have.

The zero rate with zero percent credit card will depends on the credit card company, this is a kind of promotion to attract people to get their credit card.

Shifting balances from an existing credit card to a new balance credit card can save you money if you can find one with a cheap rate. Some of the cards are Citi Simplicity, Discover It, and Chase Freedom.

A credit card rate of 24% is common among people who have fairly large debt. It is quite reasonable, but it could be better. A good goal for a credit card rate is between 15%-20%

Bank of America offers the best interest rate for a business credit card. You can Compare Credit Card Offers at

They will offer you a low introductory interest rate which will encourage you to use your credit card.

The average interest rate on a Goodyear credit card is around 10-15%, depending on your credit score and time of application. You can apply for a Goodyear credit card at a Goodyear dealership.

Interest rates for Discover Card varies depending on multiple factors. These factors include credit score and payment history.

Some credit cards that offer instant approval are: Capital one secured mastercard, Discover It card, American Express, Common Wealth Low rate card, halifax all in One, Virgin, Barclay Card platinum.

The interest rate on a Union Plus credit card, which is issued by HSBC, isn't disclosed until an application is submitted, but can be as high as 23.4%. The interest rate on cash advances is also as high as 23.99% with this credit card.

The interest rates on a HSBC credit card can vary, depending on your credit rating. The rates on the HSBC credit card can range from, 11.99% - 18.99%.

A First Savings credit card is a credit card that you can get if you have really bad credit. However, the interest rate is almost 30% so it isn't worth it.

The annual percentage rate for a Lowes credit card is 21.99 percent. The APR for a Lowes Project card is 7.99-17.99 percent. The percentage variable is based off credit qualifications.

The interest rate on a USAA card will depend upon your credit score. Persons with strong credit have a higher likelihood of receiving a 0% introductory rate as USAA has no minimum interest rate. The general rate is 8.9% to 25.9%

The current interest rate on an American Airlines credit card is variable. This rate depends on the individual's credit, their payment history, and other factors. The interest rate varies between 21% and 25%.

There are no sites that have a permanent 0% interest rate credit cards. You will however be able to get this rate for a few months from most credit card companies.

Credit card companies provide people with credit cards on the basis that they will earn money from the interest a customer repays. If you have a history of bad credit it is unlikely that you will be able to own a credit card with a low interest rate, as providing you with a credit card seen as a higher risk to the company providing it.

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