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It's International Airport "Macedonia"

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Q: What is the Airport for Thessaloniki Greece?
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What is the airport code for Thessaloniki International Airport?

The airport code for Thessaloniki International Airport is SKG.

When was Thessaloniki International Airport created?

Thessaloniki International Airport was created in 1930.

What are the two largest cities in Greece?

Thessaloniki and Athens

What is the distance from Thessaloniki Greece to Melbourne Australia?

The distance from Thessaloniki, Greece, to Melbourne, Australia, is 9,381 air miles. That equals 15,097 kilometers or 8,151 nautical miles.

How long is the flight between Athens Greece to Thessaloniki Greece?

Maximum 1 hour

What is the second city of Greece?

1. Athens 2. Thessaloniki

What is the population of Thessaloniki?

The population of Thessaloniki , Greece in the main area is 310 , 560 . The metro area has 1 , 016 , 419

Where is Thessaloniki located?

Thessaloniki is located at the periphery of Central Macedonia in Greece. Its coordinates are (not accurately) 40.5. N, 23 E.

When did King George of Greece die?

King George of Greece died on March 18, 1913, in Thessaloniki, Greece of assasination.

How can you go to Thessaloniki from Milan?

Malpensa airport with Alitalia. Straight flight.

What is the driving distance between Mount Olympus Greece and Delphi Greece?

How far is Thessaloniki to Mt Olympus

What is the driving distance from Athens Greece to Thessaloniki Greece?

Approximately 515 klm - how long does that take to drive?