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This claim comes from the theosophist Jordan Maxwell (his real name is Russell Pine). Maxwell's favorite writer is the founder of Theosophy H.P. Blavatsky (he even takes his name from her book). No reference anywhere has yet to confirm a connection between the phrase "Argha Noa" and Noah's ark as Maxwell claims (he makes this claim in his book That Old Time Religion p.53 and in his theosophical recruitment film The Naked Truth. Maxwell plagiarized the idea from its originator Blavatsky (she states it in Isis Unveiled 2:423):

The Hebrew word for ark is Tevah תֵּבָה (Ha-Tevahis used throughout the text in question: e.i. Genesis 6:14) and the ancient Hebrews would not have used the phrase "Argha". The Hebrew word for Noah is "Noha" pronounced with a guttural "H".

Jordan has been known to make inaccurate etymological claims quite regularly. He states in The Naked Truth that the word Dali Lama means "llama that takes way the sins of the world" and that the word "Amen" used by Jews and Christians originates from Amun-Ra worship. In truth, the word Dali Lama means "Ocean Priest" (the word ocean is a reference to monism) and the word "Amun" is a Greek reconstruction of the original Egyptian word Yamanu so it cannot be connected with the Hebrew word Amen.

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Q: What is the Argha Noa?
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