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Baptists believe that speaking in tongues, along with prophecy, and some of the other special gifts are not for today...they were just for back then in The Bible and that God never meant us to continue it into today. As an AG member, raised Baptist, I can say that I was missing something until I stepped into an AG church and learned about the Holy Spirit and speaking in tongues. While not essential, it is an awesome benefit. Why the Baptists seem to think there aren't those spiritual gifts today, I don't know.

Not all Baptsits believe the exact same thing. Some Baptists believe that when the Bible references "speaking in tongues" it should be translated as "other languages"and that it does not refer to random noises that nobody can translate.

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What does the Baptist belief about speaking in tongues?

In the Southern Baptist church they believe that speaking in tongues is only a legitimate act of God if there is also an interpreter. They also believe that the scripture that references speaking in tongues was a reference to the Holy Spirit giving the apostles the ability to speak foreign languages to better spread the gospel.

What is the view of Southern Baptists on speaking in tongues?

See the links for information:

Is okay speaking in tongues in baptist church?

Glossolalia or speaking in tongues as the apostles did at the Pentecost is discouraged at baptist churches. If in a praise service someone begins to speak in tongues there will be a request for an interpreter. If no one volunteers, and in most cases there will not be one, the person is requested to stop. This is following a directive from the Letter of Paul to the Corinthians. (I Corinthians 14:13) Speaking in tongues started because the Apostles were able to communicate to people and were understood even though they did not know their language. Some baptists believe this was a miracle of hearing more than speaking.

Does the protestant church believe in speaking in tongues?

There is no one Protestant church in the way that there is one Catholic church. Instead there are many denominations, such as Episcopalian, Methodist, Congregational, Baptist, Lutheran, and Pentecostal (and many more). Some denominations do believe in speaking in tongues.

Does Assembly of God church believe in speaking in tongues?

Assemblies of God believe in speaking in tongues. All pentecostal denominations do believe in speaking in tongues

What is the difference between southern baptist and assembly of god?

Main differences:Baptism of the Holy Spirit/Speaking in Tongues - Southern Baptist view is that Salvation brings baptism of the Holy Spirit and speaking in tongues has been done away with, Assembly of God view is that it is a special experience following salvation and the physical evidence of it is speaking in tongues(Biblical view: Baptism of the Holy Spirit occurs at salvation, but there are also baptisms for effective service. Speaking in an unknown tongue should only be done in private. Anything else would be considered new revelation and the scriptures are complete. There is a curse to those who would add to God's word.)Divine Healing - Southern Baptist view is that God will heal if it is His will. Assembly of God View is that healing is a privilege for Christians today.(Biblical View: Spiritual healing is granted for everyone who trusts Christ. Physical healing is granted by God if it is His will.)Charismatic - The worship style of a Southern Baptist Church seems to be more conservative than an Assembly of God church where you might see more shouting, jumping, dancing and hallelujah(Biblical View: Worship of all and any kind, but it must come from the heart and be done by those who are spiritually alive and walking in the truth - Let the rocks cry out)Salvation - Southern Baptist view is once saved, always saved. Assembly of God view is that you can lose your salvation.(Biblical View: Jesus has power to save. A child of God can never lose his/her salvation)

What is meant by speaking in tongues?

Speaking in tongues can have two meanings. 1. A person is given the gift of speaking in the language of the people they are adressing, usually until their message is given, the gift is then taken from them. 2 The person speaking in their own language is heard to be speaking in the language of the listener. This is referred to as the speaking in tongues and the interpretation of tongues.

How do you benefit from speaking in tongues?

You do not benefit personally from speaking in tongues. The reason that God gives the gift of speaking in tongues is to spread the gospel message to nations and people who don't speak the same language as yourself. So speaking in tongues is for the benefit of the gospel, not for your benefit.

Speaking in tongues in the bible?

Speaking in tongues is speaking in languages, and not the language of the holy spirit. As the it must be translated ten.But it is not done so.

Were the disciples thought to be drunk because they could not stand or because they were speaking in tongues?

Because they were speaking in tongues.

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Does Billy Graham speak in tongues?

As far as I know he believes in the speaking of tongues, but I doubt that he speaks in tongues.

What is the difference between full gospel and baptist?

in my opinion and belief both are Bible-based doctrines but one believes and tolerates speaking and tongues and healing while the other does not...

Is speaking in tongues speaking to demons?

No, speaking in tongues is a prayer that goes straight to God. All other prays go to Jesus, then to God. Speaking in tongues is caused by the Holy Spirit saying that is caused by demons is the unforgivable sin of blasphemy of the Holy Spirit.

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Does Billy Graham believe in speaking in tongues?

Yes. Billy Graham does believe in speaking in tongues. He has publically stated that he has never been given the gift of tongues, but it is a gift of the Holy Spirit.

In which Christian faith is speaking in tongues a part of worship?

The Pentecostal/ Apostolic Charismatic movement often features speaking in tongues as part of their services.

Why did Justin Bieber sing in speaking in tongues?

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Does your church practice speaking in tongues?

Only if it is required. As speaking in tongues is the ability to speak in another language of the world for the spreading of the gospel message. True Bible tongues is only required on the mission field.

What are two forms of speaking in tongues?

There are considered to be two types of tongues by many Christians. The first and more prevalent is 'glossolalia', ie. "speaking in tongues". This is an unintelligible speech which the speaker makes as a form of prayer or worship to God. Interpretation of tongues is noted by Paul as a Spiritual Gift, as is Speaking in Tongues. The other type is seen at Pentecost, in Acts 2, where Peter and the 120 believers begin speaking in intelligible languages, so that all around them understand what they are saying, even though they have never learnt these languages. This is called 'xenolalia', meaning 'speaking in foreign tongues'.

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