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In the 1st orbit, there are 2 electrons and in the 2nd orbit are 5 electrons.

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Q: What is the Bohr-Rutherford diagram of nitrogen?
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Nitrogen has five valence electrons what is the correct Lewis diagram for atomic nitrogen?

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Can one have a dot and cross diagram of nitrogen monoxide NO?


Why molecular orbital diagram is different for nitrogen and fluorine?

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How the nitrogen cycle works?

Take a look at this diagram.

Is neutral nitrogen monoxide diamagnetic or paramagnetic?

No. N2 is diamagnetic, there are no unpaired electrons.

How does the nitrogen cycle work?

Take a look at this diagram.

What is the origin of nitrogen in biological tissue?

The earths air is not made up of only oxygen. it is actually about 75% Nitrogen, and only about 12% oxygen. In fact, nitrogen is the most common element on earth. so every time you breathe, or eat or sweat, your body absorbs nitrogen. Also, you cannot really talk of Nitrogen having an 'origin', as it is constantly involved in a CYCLE. Check out this diagram of The Nitrogen Cycle.

How is nitrogen in the atmosphere converted to nitrogen in the soil?

Nitrogen in the air is primarily in the form of nitrogen molecules (N2) with traces of other nitrogen compounds collectively called NOx. Nitrogen in the soil is in the form of nitrates, nitrites, ammonia or protein.

What is the structural formula for nitrogen dioxide?

Nitrogen trichloride has NCl3 as its chemical formula. Its structural formula is the same, as it presents no "mysterious" geometry. The central nitrogen atom is bonded to the three separate chlorine atoms to form the molecule. Use the link below to see a diagram of the molecule and learn more about its chemistry.

How is nitrogen proessed to pure form?

#$Cost of nCost of nitrogen?Cost of nitrogen?Cost of nitrogen?Cost of nitrogen?Cost of nitrogen?Cost of nitrogen?Cost of nitrogen?Cost of nitrogen?Cost of nitrogen?Cost of nitrogen?Cost of nitrogen?Cost of nitrogen?Cost of nitrogen?

Which is the orbital diagram for nitrogen?

Nitrogen (N) has atomic number 7, so the electron configuration is 1s2 2s2 2p3. The outermost energy level is level 2 (n=2) so there are a total of FIVE electrons in the outermost energy level.

What are some substances in nitrogen?

Nitrogen is a gaseous element, that is, what is in nitrogen is nitrogen.