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The Broward County Sheriff's office is also now as BSO. It is a public safety organisation which is responsible for law enforcement and fire rescue duties within the borders of Broward County, Florida.

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Q: What is the Broward County Sheriff's office responsible for?
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Broward sheriffs office may bookings?

The arrest log of the Broward County Sheriff's Office is a public document. You may go there and request to see it.

How do you find barnwell county inmates?

Contact whatever agency that operates the county jail (Sheriffs Office???) and ask.

What types of law enforcement officials are employed by a county government?

The answer would be Sheriffs and Deputy Sheriffs. (in the US) Some counties do not vest overall law enforcment power in a Sheriff's office and they have, instetad, County Police Departments.

Who is the clerk of the circuit court in Broward County Florida?

The clerk of the Circuit Court in Broward County, FL is Howard C. Forman.

Who pays a deputy sheriff's salary?

The Sheriff's office is usually associated with County government, so the respective county would be the one who is paying that salary.

What is a administrative citation from the Alameda County Sheriffs office?

It's a fine for a violation which doesn't add points against your driving record.

Is there a way to find out if you have a warrant in Marion County IN?

There are no websites that will indicate this information. Surprisingly enough, the best way is to simply call the Sheriffs Office of your local PD and ask.

What are the requirements to enter training to become a LA county sheriff?

Becoming a Sheriff in LA county is very difficult due to the fact they do not hire many people. The Sheriffs office requires you to be in top physical and mental conditioning.

Who are some county officials and what are their jobs?

In the US, various counties within the states have a variety of official jobs, many job titles are self explanatory as to the duties. For example there county sheriffs, county chief executives, county prosecutors, county judges, county clerks with what can be likened to office jobs in private companies, county policeman, and county doctors performing autopsies.

Need a website for Tennessee warrants?

There is no centralized state website which discloses this information. If you believe you are wanted on a warrant, simply try calling the sheriffs office or the court of the county you believe you are wanted in.

How do you file a criminal or civil charge in broward county fl?

For a criminal offense - simply report it to your local police department (if you have one where you live) or the Broward County SO. For a civil suit; you will hve to file it in Circuit Court at the Clerk of The Court's Office.Added: In Florida only the State's Attorney can file a criminal charge. In other jurisdictions it may be the District Attorney's Office. To file a civil suit; see your city or county Court Clerk.

Where do the Hillsborough county sheriffs office in florida take such items as an impounded lawn mower and weed eater?

They may be at any of the Sheriff's Office sub-stations or may be held in the central property office. Call the following number for further information> (813) 247-8200