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catwba ways of life

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Q: What is the Catawba's tribe way of life?
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What Indian tribe lived a village way of life based on farming?

The Iroquois, and the Algonquin tribes did.

Which Indian tribe lived a village way of life based on farming?

The Pueblo Indians Lived a village way of life based on farming. Hope You Like It!!

What did the Europeans do to the lakota tribe?

They kicked the Lakotas off their land for the gold. the Lakotas whole way of life changed!!

What three major ethnic groups dominated South Carolina by the 1700s?

Kiawah, Cherokee, and the Catawbas.

What Arabic tribe had controlled Mecca during the life of Muhammad?

Quraysh tribe

What are the beliefs of spiritualism?

Spiritualism varies from tribe to tribe and sometimes clan to clan. Generally, it is a respect for the teachings of Creator and all life He has given. It is a way of life, guided by the spirits and love of the Creator and His world. It is an understanding that all things have spirits and should be respected and honored.

How did the mohawk tribe live every day life?

One way that the Mohawk tribe adapted was to change their style of dress. They started wearing the European styles of clothing.

What was the miccosukee tribe way of life?

Story telling was an important custom of the Miccosukee tribe of Indians. Other customs also included men shaving their heads except for one strip, and dancing.

What was family life like wth the tigua tribe?

very easy to stay a live in a tiguas tribe

What was an African witch-doctors life like?

In which tribe?

What things were important to the Meskwaki tribe?

there life was everthing

What determined the way a tribe lived?

its environment