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Q: What is the Chinese invention that shows direction?
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What impact did invention of tang and song china have?

The magnetic compass, it helped the Chinese find direction.

What instrument invented by the Chinese to show direction?

the compass. it was a very useful invention for European sailors.

5 letter word for a Chinese invention?

If it is a particular Chinese invention, then most likely paper.

Which of these is a Chinese invention?


Which important Chinese invention occurred in 868 AD?

The invention of gunpower :)

How do you spell invention in Chinese?

Invention: 發明 (in traditional Chinese characters) 发明 (in simplified Chinese characters) In pinyin pronounciation: fa1 ming2

What was the best Chinese invention?


What is an interesting Chinese invention?


What shows the direction of the wind?

wind and vane shows the direction of the wind.

What instrument was invented by the Chinese to show direction?

what instrument was invented by Chinese to show direction

What are some Chinese invention that were made in America?

1.The Chinese fan2.china

Is paper an invention?

Yes it was invented by the Chinese