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"Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."

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Q: What is the Democratic Party motto?
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What is Democratic Party of Albania's motto?

Democratic Party of Albania's motto is 'Ju jeni të parët!'.

What is the motto of Democratic National Front Party?

Democratic National Front Party's motto is 'Patria jonë është Shqipëria'.

What is Jordanian Democratic Popular Unity Party's motto?

Jordanian Democratic Popular Unity Party's motto is 'For a democratic national Jordan and the recover of the legitimate national rights of the Palestinian people'.

What is the motto of Azerbaijan Democratic Republic?

Azerbaijan Democratic Republic's motto is 'The flag once raised will never fall!'.

What is the motto of Liberal Democratic Centre?

The motto of Liberal Democratic Centre is 'Abriendo caminos a personas'.

What state was the Democratic Party founded in?

Who started the Democratic Party? Who started the Democratic Party?

What is Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic's motto?

Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic's motto is 'Liberty, Democracy, Unity'.

What is Democratic Front Party's motto?

“There Ought to Be a Law!” — That’s the real, unspoken motto of the Democratic Party, because in whatever way Democrats think “The People” should live, they'll try to pass a law to make it mandatory. The Party leaders will pass the law “on behalf of The People” and will say they’re doing it for “the good of The People” — and then the Democrat leaders will find a way for themselves (though not the rank-and-file) to use that law to get rich.

Who was the forerunner for the Democratic Party?

The Democratic-Republican Party was the forerunner of the Democratic Party. It was started by Thomas Jefferson.

Who is the Democratic Party Supervisor?

There is no supervisor for the Democratic party.

What is National Democratic Action Society's motto?

National Democratic Action Society's motto is 'الوطن أمانة..وبسنا فساد'.

What did the Democratic Party and the whig party have in common?

What did the Democratic Party and the Whig party have in common