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Callisto is a moon of the planet Jupiter. It is the third largest moon in the Solar System and the second largest in the Jovian system, after Ganymede. Callisto has about 99% the diameter of the planet Mercury but only about a third of its mass. It's diameter is approximately 4820km - about a third of Earth. [See link for pictorial comparison]

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Q: What is the Diameter of callisto the moon?
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Which moon is the largest in diameter?


How big is Callisto?

A diameter of 2,980 mi ( 4,800 km). It is larger than our moon.

How many of Jupiter's moon's diameter is bigger than the Earth's moon?

Three. Ganymede, Io and Callisto. See link for pictorial representation

When was Callisto - moon - created?

Callisto - moon - was created on 1610-01-07.

Is the moon more dense then Callisto?

yes the moon is thicker than callisto or as you can say more dense than callisto

What is Callisto's diameter?

Callisto orbits Jupiter at a distance of about 1,883,000 miles. It has a diameter of about 3000 miles, or 4800 kilometers.

What planet is callisto from?

Callisto is jupiter moon so Callisto comes from Jupiter

What planet does Callisto orbit?

Callisto is a moon of Jupiter.

What elements are in callisto?

what are the elements in callisto jupiters moon

What is the moon callisto made of?

Callisto is made of rock and ice.

Is Callisto a moon?

Yes. Callisto is one of the moons of Jupiter.

What planet does the moon Callisto belong to?

The moon Callisto was discovered in January of the year 1610. The moon belongs to the planet Jupiter.