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peace. pace is a declension of the root word pax

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Q: What is the English meaning for the Latin word pace?
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What is the English word for when in latin?

The Latin word 'ubi' meaning when or as soon as.

What is 'step' in Latin?

Gradus is the Latin equivalent of 'step'. The Latin word may have the meaning of 'pace', as in the steps in walking. Or it may have the meaning of 'stair'.

What is the meaning of the latin word noise?

the english word noise came to us from a latin word

What word derived from the latin language meaning those who hear?

The English word "audience" is a word derived from Latin meaning those who hear

What is the meaning in English of the latin word volens?


What is the English Meaning for the Latin word pistor?


What Is the English meaning of the word pistores in Latin?


What word comes from the Latin word December?

December is NOT a Latin word. December is an ENGLISH word that is derived from the Latin word "decem" meaning "ten".

What english ADJECTIVE derived from the latin word for island?

The English adjective "insular" derived from the Latin word insula, meaning "island."

What is the Meaning of the word iris in latin dictionary?

iris is the latin word for "rainbow" hence the English word "iridescent"

What does the Latin word talem mean in English?

Talem is the accusative form of the Latin word talis, meaning "such."

What English word has a Latin meaning of breathe?

Respire, from Latin infinitive respirare, to breath.

What is the Latin derivation for 'mosaic'?

The English word 'mosaic' derives from the ancient, classical Latin language. The original word in Latin is Musa. The English meaning of that original Latin word is also a derivative: 'muse'.

What is the English meaning of the Latin word intricare?

To entangle or perplex

What is the English meaning of the Latin word filium?

Filium is the objective case of the Latin word filius which means "son".

Is the word population greek or latin?

Neither - the word population is English, but it derives from Latin populus, meaning "the people"

What is the Latin word for aura?

The word "aura" exists in latin, meaning air or breeze. The English meaning of aura, I believe, would translate to spiritus.

What Does totem mean in Latin?

The word totem has no meaning in Latin. The English word "totem" comes from an Algonquian (Native American) word meaning "his kin; his family mark".

What is the word in latin for properity?

The Latin word of the English word "property" is rerum. One of the meaning of the word property is something that is owned by somebody.

What is the first letter of an eight letter word meaning pace?

The word pace can be interpreted in many different ways. An eight letter word meaning pace is swiftness. This is a rapid pace.

The latin word thus means what in English?

'Thus' is English - not Latin. Latin for 'thus' is 'sic.' "Thus" is a Latin word meaning "frankincense". You know, what one of the three wise men brought to Bethlehem.

What is the latin meaning for opportunity?

The Latin word that is closest to English "opportunity" is probably occasio (-nis, f.). The English word is from Latin opportunitas, which in Latin has the meaning "fitness, suitability, advantageous" (i.e., the quality of being opportune) and, by extension, "favorable moment" or "advantage".

Is genetics a Latin word?

No, genetics is not a Latin word. It comes from the Ancient Greek word γενετικός genetikos, meaning 'genitive,' itself from the word γένεσις genesis, meaning 'origin.' The correlation between that and the Latin word gens, meaning 'tribe,' is independent of our English derivation.

What is the Latin word for villa?

Villa.If you meant the English meaning of the Latin word villa, it would be 'farmhouse' or 'country house.'

What does the Latin word megas mean in English?

Megas is a Greek word meaning "big; great". The Latin equivalent is magnus.