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study very well

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Q: What is the English of sana mag-aral kayong mabuti?
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How would I say wishing you good health in the Philippines?

Sana ay nasa mabuti kang kalusugan.

Reaction about the dog eaters?


What is sana Hindi kana dumating in English?

sana hindi

What does sana mean in English?

Sana is a malay word meaning "there". "Di sana", or "Kat sana", are ways the word sana can be used, meaning, "Over there". It may also mean "healthy" in Spanish.

What is the English of sana di mo na ako pinaasa?

English translation of sana di mo ako pinaasa: I hope that you didn't lead me on.

What does the Swahili word sana means?

The Swahili word "sana" means "very" in English. It is used to intensify the following word or phrase in a sentence.

What does the Spanish phrase una persona sana mean in English?

It means he/she is a healthy person

What does sana sana colita de rana mean in English?

It means something like: Nurse frog but! It is a song that is sung to a sick child this is what MY mom told me about this... Heal Heal by the butt of a frog

How tall is Sana Etoile?

Sana Etoile is 5' 8".

Process that changes rocks which are next to a body of a magma?

because of the gravity of the earth that follows the sun and the moon that occupies space that has mass so that we can measure the world :) sana magustuhan niyo kahit ndi kagandahan ang sagot pero sana maapreciate niyo pinag hirapan ko yan :( mag aral nalang kaung mabuti para kayo naman ang next na magsasagot tnx :*

What does sana mean in latin?

The Latin word sana means "health". A famous motto is Mens sana in corpore sano,which means " a healthy mind in a healthy body".Of course, the English word "sane" comes from sana.

Anu ano ang maari mong gawin ngayon upang mapaghandaan ang iyong kinabukasan?

mapaghahandaan to pag mag aral ng mabuti sana makatulong..! :) :) :)