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What is the English translation of widmung by schumann?



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Something like this:

You my soul, you my heart,

You my bliss, o you my pain,

You the world in which I live;

You my heaven, in which I float,

O you my grave, into which

I eternally cast my grief.

You are the rest, you are the peace,

You are the heaven upon me bestowed.

That you love me makes me worthy of you;

your gaze transfigures me;

you raise me lovingly above myself,

my good spirit, my better self

I have the words and sheet music, here is

some, But I am hunting for an old 78 RPM

spoken recording by a male voice.

Anyone know where I might find such a recording?

"Thou Art My Soul, and Thou my heart,

Thou art my Joy

Thou art my world for life adoring,

My heav'n art thou where in I'm Soaring,

O thou my grave . . . . "