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Comme Entré

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How do you write 'starter' in french?


Name a typical french starter main and dessert?

Viccysoise, Coq au Vin, Pear or Cherry Clafoutti.

What do the french eat for starter at Christmas?

Hors d'oeuvres

How do you spell starter in french?

un hors-d'oeuvre

What is small one bite starter in french?


What do french people eat for starter?

pain รƒย  l'ail

What does the french word starter mean in English?

In a car it's the choke.

What are the ratings and certificates for The Starter Wife - 2008 The French Disconnection 1-7?

The Starter Wife - 2008 The French Disconnection 1-7 is rated/received certificates of: USA:TV-14

Is the name Ellie a french name?

No, it isn't a French name.

What's the name for course of food served before a starter?

the first menu serving as a starter

What name is Nancy in French?

Nancy is a French name.

What is Madagascar's name in french?

Madagascar is the French name of it.

Is the name condiff french?

No, this isn't a French name.

Is Telliez a french name?

yes it is a french name.

Is the name Monique a French name?

Yes, it is a French variant of the name Monica.

What is french name of Venus'?

There is no French name, they call her by the same name; Venus.

Is chloe a french name?

yes chloe is a french name !!!

What is the French name of Cairo?

The French name of Cairo is caire.

Is Louisiana a french name?

yes, Louisiana is a french name.

What is the french translation for the name Meiling?

it's not a French name

French name for Dod's son?

It's not a French name.

Is Hugo a name in french?

Hugo is the name of a boy in french.

IsKelsey an French name?

no, Kelsey isn't a French name.

How do you say the name chet in french?

It's not a French name

What is the name of a french baguette?

"la baguette" is the French name