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What is the French word for table?


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The word for table in french is 'une table' (pronounce: tahb-bl)


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the word table is the same in French and English.

Une table is a feminine word in French.

débarasser la table / défaire les couverts The English word based on the French "to clear the table" is "dessert."

débarasser, défaire la table, retirer les couverts The English word based on the French "to clear the table" is "dessert."

same word - table, just the pronunciation is different

The french word "sur" means "over" or "on" in the physical sense. It is a preposition. Le livre (the book) est (is) sur (on) la table (the table).

The word 'dessert' is a French word. It originated from the Old French word 'desservir' which meant "to clear the table" or "to serve". In short, the word 'dessert' comes from France.

In French, the word "table" (or "tables") is feminine.

a table is spelled 'une table' in French.

A table is 'une table' (fem.) in French.

i think it is spelt the same and that you pronounce it like this: taaablu

a big table is translated 'une grande table' in French

the table of contents is called table des matières in French

"Serviette (de table)" is a French equivalent of the English word "napkin."Specifically, the feminine noun "serviette" means "napkin." The phrase "de table," which means "of (the) table," may be added. The pronunciation is "sehr-vyeht (duh tahb-luh)."

Pool table in french is billard

Table football in French is "baby-foot"

a chair and a table are called "une chaise" and "une table" in French.

"Un" (m) or "une" (f) is the french indefinite article, meaning "a" or "an". It also means "one"."Un jour" means "a day" or "one day"."Une table" means "a table" or "one table".Contrast with: "le" (m), "la"(f) or "l'", the french definite article, "the"."Le jour" the day; "la table", the table; "l'orange' the orange.

table tennis is translated 'tennis de table' or familiarly 'ping-pong' in French

Table soccer is called "le baby-foot" in French.

"Table-tennis table" in English is table de ping-pong in French.

the symbol for silver is "Ag" for "argent" on the French periodic table.

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