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To hate = haïr, détester. Hate (noun)= haine. To say I hate you to a person then say I haine you.

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The english word 'or' is spelled 'ou' in French.

This is the same in French as it is in English.

The English word for the French word "voyelle" is vowel.

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L'amour et la haine is a French equivalent of the English phrase "love and hate." The pronunciation will be "la-moor ey la ehn" in French.

There are various online translators that you can use. You type in an English word and it will translate it to the French word. You can also use an English to French dictionary.

According to the Google Translator, the French word for the English word "am" is "suis".But if your English sentence starts with "I am" you say it in French as " Je suis".NoteIf you are really asking what is the Frenchword 'am' in French... then obviously it must be 'am'. ..But if you are asking what is the French word for 'I am' in English ... it is 'Je suis'.

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(v.) to hate - hassen (n.) hate - der Hass

The word francais (in french) means french(in english).

Je déteste l'anglais

Detest means hate in English.

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