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Q: What is the Future as a career option for Biotechnology?
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Is biotechnology is a good career option?

yes its

Which career field is better nanotechnology or biotechnology?

Nanotechnology is better than biotechnology as nanotechnology can be applied to different career fields like electronics, medical, robotics, engineering and agriculture. So students from diverse fields can enter it. Biotechnology is limited to agriculture and pharmaceuticals. Salary, employment benefits and future growth prospects are very high as compared to Biotechnology.

What are career prospects after engineering in Biotechnology?

they are fantastic... you should pursue it. the next 'boom' is going to be in biotechnology.

How difficult is it to obtain a career in biotechnology?

Biotechnology is a growing industry. It probably wont be too difficult to obtain a career in biotechnology, as long as you first complete a PhD. Biotechnology is a research related career, and if you want to get ahead in this field, definitely consider doing a PhD in biotechnology (unless you are happy to be a lab assistant). Have a look at the following website for more information:

What are some present and future jobs of biotechnology?


What education do you need to get a career in biotechnology?

You will need a college education to obtain a career in the biotechnology field. Degrees ranging from and associates degree all the way to a Masters or even a PhD are available in this field.

What are the courses available after Ty biotechnology?

Study of Biotechnology Management is the best option. The supply of scientific knowledge coupled with managerial skills is not meeting the industry demand. The management talent is scarce and is often the weakest pillar in most biotechnology companies. The key to a successful career is to explore the many demanding untraditional career paths outside the routine R&D options, as many companies list the specific management positions. I have come across, such institute offering PGDM Biotechnology Management, two years full time AICTE approved program.

Will biotechnology overtake the information technology in future?

yes but only after a decade..

What degree is needed to have a biotechnology job?

To enter the career field for biotechnology, one must have a degree in biotechnology. A masters or doctorate would definitely be best but for entry level jobs a smaller degree is still suitable.

Is MS or MBA a better option after biotechnology?

It's not that one is better than the other, it's just that they are different. The question is, which one is better for you, and that can only be determine by what your overall career goals and objectives are. You need to acquire a vision; A clearly articulated and specific picture of the future you intend to create for yourself. Once you acquire that vision, your path will become clear.

Where can one get more information on options for an online career?

One can get more information on options for an online career from these sources: Creative Choices, My Future Wise, Regional Help Wanted, Career Option Magazine, Doleta, Job Guide.

What is the Best Career for the Future?

in my opinion; the best jobs in the next future will be related to the renewable energy.