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The GPA needed for graduate school will be strictly dependent on the receiving institution. Each college or university may have their own required GPA. Please be advised, that each program within the institution may alsohave their own minimum GPAfor you tobe considered as a bona fide candidate. In other words, a graduate program within a universityin Liberal Arts may require a minimum undergraduate GPA of 2.0. However, if applying to their Masters in Business Administration (MBA) program,theminimum undergraduateGPA may be a 3.5.You must check with each of the graduate programs for this kind of detail. Please be advised, that the undergraduate GPA is usually only one area they look at. Depending on the program, they may require testing which may include the Graduate Record Exam (GRE)as anexample. They maylook for indicators such as withdrawal from courses, courses that were repeated, how many credits you handled per semester. Also extra curricular activities, letters of recommendation, and personal essay. Consider all of the abovein an effort tomake yourself as marketable as possible.

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Q: What is the GPA an individual must achieve to be accepted into an Ivy League university graduate program?
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