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Q: What is the GPA you need to get into UTEP?
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When was UTEP finished?

you like utep and why?

Harvard GPA you would need?

this is the GPA you need to get a 2.0 GPA

When was UTEP Miners football created?

UTEP Miners football was created in 1914.

Do you need a good GPA to get to Harvard?

yes u need a 3.7 GPA or higher

When did UTEP open?


What is the GPA you need in order to get into Stanford University?

4.0 GPA

What GPA is required to get a scholarship for USC?

you need a 3.7 GPA

What GPA do you need to get into Cooper union?

the average GPA is a 3.5

What is the GPA to get into Michigan state?

you need at least a GPA of 3.75

What GPA do you need to get into the university of Michigan flint?

3.2 Gpa

What does utep stand for?

UTEP stands for "University of Texas at El Paso". UTEP is a university located in El Paso, Texas. In my personal opinion it is an AWESOME school!! Glad to help! Regards, Ryan S. :)

What is the minimum GPA requirement for UTSA?

You need a 1.03 GPA unless you are from Uvalde, TX...then you'll need a 3.9 which is impossible.