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It is a treaty, signed by all civilised nations, that prescribes the rules for conducting war. It specifies how prisoners are to be treated, it specifies how civilians in occupied territories are to be treated. It makes it illegal to do certain things like shoot at hospitals or houses of worship unless the enemy are shooting from them or storing weapons and ammo in them. Michael Montagne

Note that there is no "Geneva Convention". In reality, there are a series of international treaties, collectively called the "Geneva Conventions" (note the plural).

Collectively, these treaties (plus a set of similar treaties known as The Hague Conventions) set out a framework of rules regarding the "proper" or "civilized" conduct of warfare. They ban the use of certain weapons, and talk about how soldiers and civilians are to be treated during warfare. They also talk about proper conduct of warfare, addressing such topics as proper use of force, permitted actions by belligerent and non-belligerent forces, and identification of belligerents.

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Q: What is the Geneva Convention?
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What is Geneva famous for?

The Geneva Convention

Is waterboarding banned by the Geneva conference?

If you mean Geneva Convention then yes, it does. It violates article 3 of the Geneva Convention making it a crime.

Has the USA signed the Geneva convention?

The USA signed the Geneva Convention in 1949 and ratified it in 1955.

What were the results of the Geneva Convention?

Because of the Geneva Convention, the cuty Japanese became monkeys and they were kiiled

What treaties do Trinidad and tobago belong to?

Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of GenocideFirst Geneva ConventionFourth Geneva ConventionInter-American Treaty of Reciprocal AssistanceProtocol IProtocol IIRome Statute of the International Criminal CourtSecond Geneva ConventionThird Geneva ConventionTreaty of ChaguaramasTreaty of TlatelolcoUnited Nations Charter

Geneva Convention date?


1951 Geneva convention on refugees?

At the convention, did they say the rights for an asylum seeker?

When was the Geneva convetion signed?

The singular term Geneva Convention refers to the agreements of 1949.

What are the clauses of the Geneva convention?

individual right

What are some international laws?

the geneva convention

What events led to the Geneva convention?

The foundation of the Red Cross led to the Geneva Convention. It laid down the foundation for modern humanitarian laws that are observed today.

What has the author Angela Bennett written?

Angela Bennett has written: 'The Geneva Convention' -- subject(s): Geneva Convention, Geneva Conventions, History, Human rights, International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement

Who is required to sign the Geneva conventions?

No country is required to sign the Geneva Convention. but it is expected that a country will

A famous convention was brokered in which Swiss city?


Under the Geneva convention on prisoners of war?


Who has not signed the Geneva Convention?

The Geneva Convention has been signed by 196 states. These include the U.N, Palestine and Cook's Island. Any state that is not one of these groups, has not signed it.

Where in the Geneva convention does it say that teachers can not hold the whole class?

I think you are refferring to the collective punishment in the geneva convention. But the question here is: is keeping the class longer a punishment? ...

Which organization was closely associated with the development of the Geneva Convention?

The development of the Geneva Convention was associated closely with the Red Cross. The Geneva Convention provided services for those out on the battlefield, by preventing the destruction of establishments needed to help wounded soldiers, and providing aid to all soldiers wounded in battle.

Do travel document refugee passport Geneva convention 1951 need visa for France?

Do travel document refugee passport Geneva convention 1951 need visa for france?

What is the Geneva convention set up for?

it specified the rules of war.

How were Japanese POW treated in Australia?

In accordance with the Geneva Convention.

What was drafted under the guidance of Eleanor roosevelt?

Geneva Convention

How were Australians treated in German camps?

In accordance with the Geneva Convention.

Why is the Geneva Convention important?

The Geneva Convention is important because all of the rules of war were documented. For example, the proper treatment of prisoners of war, no germ warfare to be used and many other rules.

When did POW camps start?

After the Geneva Convention where they made the rules of war