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Q: What is the German word for mine?
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What is the definition of the word mein?

Mein is a German word that means mine or my. The most famous use of the word is Adolf Hitler's Mein Kampf. There are several different ways that the word can be used.

What is the difference between mein and meine?

Mein and meine both mean my or mine in English. Mein is used for male and neuter forms, meine for female and plural forms.Examples:my:My father (male) is mein Vater in German.My pet (neuter) = mein Haustier.My mother (female) = meine Mutter.My parents (plural) = meine Eltern.mine:German words for mine are meiner (male), meins (neuter), meine (female and plural)male: Whose apple is that? - Mine. = Wessen Apfel ist das? - Meiner.female: Whose banana is that? - Mine. = Wessen Banane ist das? - Meine.plural: Whose fruits are these? - Mine. = Wessen Früchte sind das? - Meine.neuter: Whose fruit knife is that? - Mine. = Wessen Obstmesser ist das? - Meins (also Meines).

How do you spell mine in German?


Translate this German word - chre?

Chre is not a German word

What does the Mia mean?

in German it means "mine"

Who is president during the story summer of your German soldier?

of my german soldier mine yell no

What is the German word for who?

The German word for "Who" is "Wer".

What is the German word for their?

The German word for their is "Ihre."

What is the German word for with?

"mit" is the German word for "with".

The word from in German?

The word FROM in German is von

What is the word for is in German?

The word for is in German - " ist "

What is the German word for he?

The German word for he is er.