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The German word for petrol station is "Tankstelle".

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Q: What is the German word for petrol station?
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Where did the word cargo?

The word "cargo" originated from the Spanish word "carga," which means "load" or "burden." It was adopted into English in the 17th century and is used to refer to goods or freight carried by a ship, plane, or other form of transport.

Where do you get petrol?

at a petrol station

When was Skovshoved Petrol Station created?

Skovshoved Petrol Station was created in 1936.

What you call a person who work at petrol station?

a petrol station worker

What is the German word for service station?

It is "Tankstelle".

How do you say train station in greman?

Banhof is the German word for train station.

Where do you find petrol?

petrol station of course people

Can a 17 year old work at a petrol station?

If your in Dijibouti you can work at a petrol station at 13.

Why can you smell petrol at a petrol station?

Petrol has a strong odor that is detectable even in small amounts, which is added to help detect leaks and prevent accidents. At a petrol station, the smell may be more noticeable due to the concentrated fumes from multiple vehicles filling up at the same time and the equipment used to pump the petrol, which can release vapors into the air.

How does petrol get to the petrol station?

thats a tough one- maybe by a petrol truck.

How do you refill petrol in Renault megane?

Go to petrol station. Get petrol. Wahoo!

What is the German word for police station?

Polizeistation is the translation in German. It is translated from English to German. German is mostly spoken in the European countries.