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quit = aufhören

quit = aufgeben

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Q: What is the German word for quit?
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Slues or German for later?

The German word for "later" is "später". Slues is spelled "Schluss" in German and means "the end; final, as in: time to quit"

What is the present tense of quit?

The present tense of "quit" is "quits" or "quitting."

What Word means the same as quit?

Synonyms for the word 'quit' are: stop cease/cease and desisst

How many phonemes in the word quit?


What is the synonym of the word resign?

The word is QUIT.

A sentence using the word quit in it?

i don,t quit my job

How do you spell quit in spanish?

Do you mean how do you spell the Spanish word for quit.

Translate this German word - chre?

Chre is not a German word

Do you press the quit button on the standard tool bar to quit Word?

No you don't. The Standard Toolbar does not have a quit button. To quit Word, you can click the X on the title bar or press Alt-F4 or Alt-F-X.

What is an example sentence that uses the word quit?

I wanted to quit my job.Please quit tapping your foot.She was tired but wouldn't quit studying.

What is the German word for who?

The German word for "Who" is "Wer".

What is the German word for their?

The German word for their is "Ihre."