What is the Greek Goddess of Corn is?

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The Greek goddess of corn is Demeter, the harvest goddess.

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Q: What is the Greek Goddess of Corn is?
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Who is the goddess of corn?

In ancient Greece the Goddess of corn was Demeter ___________________________________________________ There isn't really a greek goddess of corn. Demeter is the greek god of the Harvest which includes corn.

Who was the Greek goddess of corn?

Demeter in Greek mythology, is the Goddess of grain and fertility.

Who is the goddess of corn in Greek mythology?

Demeter- the Goddess of the Harvest

What is the ancient greek goddess of corn?

The goddess who was most likely to be the goddess of corn is Demeter because she was the goddess of harvest and the godess of grain so corn has something to do with it.

Who was the Goddes of corn in Greek Mythology?

Demeter, or Ceres, is the goddess of corn in Greek Mythology.

What is the Greek and Roman Goddess of the Corn or Harvest?

The Greek goddess of the harvest is Demeter. Her roman name was Ceres.

What is the goddess Demeter ruler of?

Demeter was the Greek Goddess of agriculture (commonly corn or wheat)

Who was the ancient greek god of corn?

The goddess of agriculture (and therefore corn) was named Demitra.

What is the symbol of the greek goddess Demeter?

Wheat, corn, barley

What is the name f the greek goddess of corn?

Demeter or Ceres

Who is the Greek Goddess of corn?

Demeter has been identified as the Greek goddess of corn. However, Demeter is more properly described the Greek goddess of grain, agriculture and the harvest since use of the word "corn" can be misleading. Corn, in the American sense, refers to a plant (Zea mays) that was imported from the Americas into Europe after Columbus. Corn, in England, refers to wheat and other grains as well.

Who is the roman god of corn?

The Roman goddess of corn is Ceres, whose greek name is Demeter.

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