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measure is a Greek word (ΜΕΤΡΗΣΗ) metrisi

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Q: What is the Greek word for measure?
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What is the Greek translation of 'measure'?

The Greek word for "Measure" is "μέτρο".

What does the greek word metron mean?


What word means measure or law in Greek?


What word with a Greek root means a measure of distance around a specific area?

The word "perimeter" is from the Greek words peri(around) and métron (measure).

Which Greek root means a measure of distance traveled?

Hodos ("path") and metron ("measure") are Greek roots that form the word odometer, which means "a measure of distance traveled."

Is geometry a latin or a greek word?

The original stem is Greek gemetri, from gemetrein, to measure land.

What instrument measure length?

The anemometer is used to measure the wind. The word anemometer comes from the Greek word "anemos" which means wind.

2 greek word trigonometry?

The word trigonometry originates from the two Greek words 'trigon' and 'metron'. While 'trigon' has the meaning of triangle, 'metron' means to measure. The literal translation of the word trigonometry is to measure triangles.

What does the Greek root of the English word 'symmetrical' mean?

"With measure" is an English equivalent of the Greek root of the English word "symmetrical." The English adjective traces its origins back to the Greek words σῠ́ν (sún, "with") and μέτρον (métron, "measure"). The pronunciation will be in Aeginan Greek. The pronunciation will be "sihn MEY-tron" in Aeginan Greek.

What word with a Greek root means a measurement device for distance traveled?

The word for this device is an "odometer" from the Greek roots hodos (path) and métron (measure).

What is the word origin of the word meter?

Metre is the British spelling of meter. A meter is equal to 39.37 (American) inches equaling 3 feet. It is part of the metric system. It originated from the French in the late 1700's It originates from Greek "metron" meaning to measure. The word "meter" is from Latin also meaning to measure.

Who was meters named after?

They weren't named after a person, the word "meter" comes from the Greek word "metros", meaning "to measure".