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the greek word for ''promise'' is ''iposxesi'' [υπόσχεση] . if you want to say '' i promise'' then it's ''iposxome'' [υπόσχομαι] (you pronounce the ''e'' in the end)

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Q: What is the Greek word for promise?
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What is a formal word for promise?

what is another word for promise? A vow or an oath

What is theGreek word for pledge and its meaning?

The Greek word for pledge is "ἀρραβών" (arrabon). It signifies a deposit or earnest money given as a guarantee of a future agreement or promise.

What is the hawaiian word for promise?

The Hawaiian word for promise is "kūpaʻa."

How do you say i promise in greek?

Υπόσχομαι [ipOschome]

How many syllables in the word promise?

there are 2 syllables in the word promise!

What does I give you my word mean?

"I give you my word" means that the speaker is making a promise or commitment to do something. It implies that the person's word is trustworthy and that they will follow through with their promise.

Past tense of the word promise?

The past tense of the word "promise" is "promised."

What is the root word for responsible?

"Responsible" is from the Latin verb respondere, which means "to promise something in return for something else." (Once the promise is made, one is responsible for fulfilling it.) This in turn is from Latin spondere, "to pledge", which is related to Greek spendo, "to pour out" a libation.

What does Hecate promise?

Hecate made no promises in Greek mythology.

What are two meanings for a word?

A word means either a literal word or a promise. for example you say to keep my word that meanms to keep my promise.

What are the Arabic word for war and promise?

الحرب War . الوعد Promise.

What ancient Greek do doctor's honor when they promise to help the sick?