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What is the Hamstead Diamonds football club?

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What does FC stand for in Pacific FC?

Football Club.Football Club.Football Club.Football Club.Football Club.Football Club.Football Club.Football Club.Football Club.Football Club.Football Club.

When was Hamstead railway station created?

Hamstead railway station was created in 1837.

When did Hamstead railway station end?

Hamstead railway station ended in 1899.

What is name of Chelsea football club?

Chelsea Football Club is called Chelsea Football club.

What is the most popular football club in Vietnam?

Viettel Football Club is the most popular football club in Vietnam.

How do you say football club in french?

"club de football"

Which football club has the largest football club?

fc Barcelona

Who played the most at Wembley Liverpool Football Club or Manchester United Football Club?

Manchester united football club

Where are Tottenham Hotspur in the list of the oldest clubs in the football league?

Tottenham Hotspur was founded in 1882.Below is a list of the oldest teams Association Football in the United Kingdom;Sheffield Football Club - Founded : 1857Cambridge University Football Club - Founded : 1858 / 1859Wanderers Football Club - Founded : 1859Cray Wanderers Football Club - Founded : 1860Hallam Football Club - Founded : 1860Worksop Town Football Club - Founded : 1861Nottingham Football Club ( Later known as Notts County ) - Founded : 1862Bradford Football Club ( Later known as Bradford Park Avenue A.F.C. ) - Founded : 1863Royal Engineers Football Club - Founded : 1863Chesterfield Football Club - Founded : 1863Stoke Ramblers Football Club ( Later known as Stoke City ) - Founded : 1863Civil Service Football Club - Founded : 1863Wrexham Football Club - Founded : 1864Brigg Town Football Club - Founded : 1864Nottingham Forest Football Club - Founded : 1865Queens Park Football Club - Founded : 1867Sheffield Wednesday Football Club - Founded : 1867Fordingbridge Turks Football Club - Founded : 1868Kilmarnock Football Club - Founded : 1869Darwen Football Club - Founded : 1870Marlow Football Club - Founded : 1870Reading Football Club - Founded : 1871Rangers Football Club - Founded : 1872The list does go on and on, therefore Tottenham Hotspur would be around the 40th - 45th oldest team in the United Kingdom.

Which football club has the biggest fan base in Spain?

The football club with the biggest fan club in Spain is Barcelona football team.

What is the shittiest football club to buy tickets from?

Any "football club" that calls themselves a "football club" when they actually are referring to soccer.

Who is the best English football club?

Liverpool Football Club of course.

Is there a football club that sells fairtrade products?

the genisis football club

Which football club is the best at history?

Manchester United Football Club

Football club history?

Football club history?What in the world are you talking about?!

Who is the captain of the Carlton Football Club?

The Carlton Football Club is an Australian rules football club founded in 1864 and based in Melbourne, Victoria. The current captain of the Carlton Football Club is Marc Murphy.

When was the Geelong Cats Football Club founded?

The Geelong Football Club was founded in 1859. Commonly referred to as 'The Cats,' the club is the second oldest club in the Australian Football League.

What places start with H?

Holland Hamstead Halifax

What is fc in football?

Football Club

Which football club has the biggest fan base in the UK?

Liverpool Football Club

What Scottish football club is the richest?

The Celtic is the richest Scottish football club.

When Chelsea football club was formed?

Chelsea Football Club was formed in 1905

Which football club does Ashley Cole play for?

He plays for Chelsea football club

Who plays football at hillsborough?

This is the club ground of Sheffield Wednesday football club.

When was Queenscliff Football Club created?

Queenscliff Football Club was created in 1884.

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