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the main root is ט.ר.פ which is also used in words that mean to devour ravenously, to prey, and unkosher.

Another root is ש.ג.ע which appears in the word Meshugga

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Q: What is the Hebrew root meaning insane?
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What is the meaning of the Hebrew name vashni?

The root for Vashni, (V.SH.N) is unique, so there is no way to determine it's meaning. No other Hebrew words have this root.

What is the Hebrew root for train up?

to root for hikhshir (הכשיר), meaning to train or prepare, is כ. ש. ר

What is the Hebrew meaning of the name that is spelled yud hey vav hey?

That is the Hebrew name of God. It's meaning is unknown, but the root letters suggest it's related to the Hebrew verb "to be".

What is the meaning of the root word ann?

IT means yearly. Comes from the root word annuus.

What is the meaning of the name Salome?

it means gay The name Sa‧lo′me is probably from a Hebrew root meaning "peace".

What is the root word for insane?


What does the name kilion mean in Hebrew?

Kilion is a Hebrew name, occuring in the Book of Ruth. It means "complete destruction;" though at that time they probably had a different meaning in mind, as the word is related to the root for "kidney," which is described as an organ of counsel.

What meaning of Ruth in Hebrew?

The name "Ruth" is a word that came directly from Hebrew with very little change. The Hebrew pronunciation is "ROOS" for Ashkenazic Hebrew speakers, and "ROOT" for Sephardic Hebrew speakers.

What does the Hebrew name Zalman mean?

Zalman is not a Hebrew name. It is a Yiddish name. It is the Yiddish equivalent of the Hebrew name Shlomo (שלומה), from the root meaning "Peace".

Is the Hebrew word tah-LEH the basis for the Hebrew word tallit?

No. Tallit is an Aramaic word from the root טלל (t.l.l.) meaning "cover."

What does the name Caleb mean in Hebrew?

Calvin is my first name and I have heard it defined in Hebrew as "Oh Hairless One". The root is Latin meaning "Bald" and became a given name after the protestant reformer John Calvin. Answer: Calvin is not a Hebrew word and therefore does not have any meaning in Hebrew.

What is the Hebrew word for Muhammad?

Muhammad (and all of its variant spellings) is an Arabic name. It has no meaning in Hebrew. The root of this name in Hebrew is ח מ ד which means delightful, or charming.Muhammad is spelled מוחמד in Hebrew.