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There isn't a single word with this meaning, and the translation of "chosen" depends on context. For example:

chosen door = delet nivcheret (דלת נבחרת)

chosen food = ochel nivchar (אוכל נבחר)

chosen people = am segulah (עם סגולה)

If you mean "Chosen One" as in the person who has been selected by fate to fulfill an important task (such as Anakin Skywalker, Harry Potter, or Neo in their respective universes), the term is: ha-nivchar (הנבחר)

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2013-08-02 04:40:32
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Q: What is the Hebrew word for chosen one?
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What is the Hebrew word for chosen?

Nivkhar (ניבחר)

What is the Jewish word for a person who is not one of the chosen?

There is no Hebrew or Yiddish word that refers to someone who is not Jewish. In English, the Hebrew word "goy" is used, but this word only means "nation". Jews do not have a specific word that they use to reference the fact that non-Jews are not Chosen.

What is a word that means God's chosen one in Hebrew?

There is no single Hebrew word with this meaning, but you can translate it as a phrase:God's chosen male = bachir elohim (בחיר אלוקים)God's chosen female = bechirat elohim (בחירת אלוקים)

How do you say chosen one in Hebrew?

a male chosen one = bachur (בחור) A female chosen one = bachurah (בחורה)

What is the chosen one in Hebrew?


Hebrew images of the word favored?

favored מועדף=chosen נבחר=

What is the Hebrew name for chosen?

Chosen = neevkhar

What name means chosen one in Hebrew?

Becher (בכר) or Bichri (בכרי)

How was Hebrew chosen as a apostle?

Hebrew was not chosen as an Apostle. Only human beings can be apostles, and since Hebrew is a language, it wasn't even considered an option.

What is the Hebrew word kibosh in English?

kibosh is not a Hebrew word. In fact, no one knows where the word kibosh came from.

What is God's chosen one in Hebrew?

God's male chosen one = ha nivchar shel Elohim (הנבחר של אלוקים)God's female chosen one = ha nivcheret shel Elohim (הנבחרת של אלוקים)

What is the Hebrew word for wild one?

pereh (פרא)

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