What is the Hebrew word for glorify?

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There are two Hebrew words for this, lefa'er (לפאר) and lekabed (לכבד), with a slight difference in meaning. Lefa'er means to glorify in the sense of adornment or appearance, often with a crown or ornamental object, e.g. glorification as an external thing. Lekabed means to glorify in the sense of giving honor or due to a person, e.g. glorification as an internal merit.
glorify = lekabed or lichvod
lafayr, or,
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What is a glorified body?

A person who has had the priviledge of speaking with God may have had his body glorified for a short time. Men like Abraham and Moses. A man must have a body that is glorified otherwise he could not stand in the presence of God. This condition is only temporary. Jesus Christ when He comes again to t ( Full Answer )

If the word Jew is not Hebrew why use it?

The word "Jew" is an English word and as such is used in English, just like the word "Synagogue" is English and not Hebrew. In Hebrew conversation, the Hebrew version "Yi-hu-DEE" is used.

What is the Hebrew word for remember?

to remember = zakhar (זכר) zakhar (the kh is a gutteral sound.If you pronounce it wrong, you will change the meaning of the word).

What is the Greek or Hebrew word for love?

Greek eros, a physical love, sexual and such; the root word is found in erotic. philos, as in 'brotherly' love, love of Mankind, broader human relationships, clearly not sexual; the root word is found in ' Philadelphia' agape, a really high relationship with the Godhead, the love of God for Man; c ( Full Answer )

What is the Hebrew word for God?

Answer 1 There are many Hebrew words for God. Jewish tradition counts 72words, though this list varies by scholar. Kabbalah uses adifferent approach, not based on the spoken language, but rather onthe arrangement of the text in Exodus 14. The most commonly used among Jews are Elohim (אלו ( Full Answer )

What is the Hebrew word for lori?

If you think of Lori as a nickname for Laura, then there is aHebrew name with the same original meaning: Dafna (דפנה) If the person meant to write "lorry" which is the British word forthe vehicle that Americans call a "truck", the Hebrew word is:Mesa'it (משאית)

What is the Hebrew word for ministry?

Ministry, as in a government office = misrad (משרד). As for the Christian meaning of the word, there is no Hebrew equivalent. You would have to describe it with words such as Irgun (אירגון) "organization", or Khevra (חברה) "company".

What is glorifying God?

Glorifying God means to please him. There are many different ways to glorify God. Some include reading your bible, praying, or simply sharing God with non-christians or other believers.

What is the Hebrew word for the Word?

In context, the correct word is הדבר (ha-davar). Ha means 'the' and davar means 'word'. ha-milah (המילה) is another word which can mean word.

What is the Greek word for glorify?

From Strongs definitions δοξάζω doxazō to render (or esteem) glorious (in a wide application): - (make) glorify (-ious), full of (have) glory, honour, magnify.

What is the Hebrew word for do?

to do = "Laasot" (לעשות). However, the use of this word depends on context. It doesn't work the same as the English word "do".

What is the Hebrew word for why?

Lama (למה) or madua (מדוע) who in Hebrew is "mi" what "ma" when "camah" why "lamah"

What is the Hebrew word for your?

In modern Hebrew there are two ways to render "your". The first way is the word שלך (pronounced "shel-kha" when talkingto a male, and "shel-akh" when talking to a female). The second way is a suffix that attaches to the noun, usually -khafor male and -ekh for female (both spelled ־ך) ( Full Answer )

What is the Hebrew word for you?

For a male: "atáh" (אתה) For a female: "at" (את) For a group: atém (אתם) For a group of women only (not commonly used): atén (אתן)

What part of speech is the word glorified?

Depends on how you are using it. If you were saying "The glorified _______," then it would be an adjective. if you were saying "He glorified ___________" it would be a verb.

What is the Hebrew word for Hebrew?

If you are talking about the Hebrew language, it's eevreet (עִבְרִית). If you are referring to the people of Ancient Israel, a male Hebrew is eevree (עִבְרִי) and a female is eevriyah (עִבְרִיה).

What is the Hebrew word for 'and'?

"And" is not a separate word in Hebrew like it is in English ormost languages. It is a prefix with the letter vav (ו) plus a vowelthat varies depending on the next letter in the word. the most common form is veh (וְ) but it may also be va (וָ) vi (וִ)or oo (וּ). For exa ( Full Answer )

What is the Hebrew word for serve?

It depends entirely on how you use the word "serve". Serve has a number of very distinct meanings in English. Some of those meanings in particular have different translations in Hebrew: If you mean "serve" in the sense of "serving in the army" or "serving in public office", the verb is lesharet (× ( Full Answer )

What is the Hebrew word for angel's?

I'm not sure if you mean "angel's" or "angels" so I'll give you both: angel's (posssesive form of angel) = Shel mal'ach (של מלאך) angels (plural form of angel) = mal'achim (מלאכים)

What does the Hebrew word tel means?

"Tel" is the Hebrew word for mound, or hill. There are many places in Israel that are Tel "something", like Tel Aviv, Tel HaShomer, Tel Hai, etc.

What is the Hebrew word for deeply?

deeply (as in very) = מְאוֹד (meh-OHD). deeply (as in physically deep) = באופן מעמיק (be-ofen me'amik).

What is the Hebrew word for tattoo?

Tattoo in Hebrew is "Kah-ah-koo-ah" (קעקוע). It depends on what the question is asking. If it is asking what the word "tattoo" is in Hebrew, the word is"ka'ako'a" (קעקוע). If it is asking about how to have a tattoo written in Hebrew, seethe information below. Note: Yo ( Full Answer )

What does the Hebrew word the means?

If you are asking about the Hebrew word "teh" (תה), it means tea. If you are asking about the English word "the", it translates to hah (ה) in Hebrew.

What is the Hebrew word for lyre?

The word lyre in Hebrew is nevel (נבל) which also means "harp. Sometimes the word Kinor (כינור) is used, but in Modern Hebrew, Kinor refers to a violin.

What is the Hebrew word for football?

Football (american) = kadur regel amerikani (כדורגל אמריקני) Soccer (European football) = kadur regel (כדורגל)

What does the Hebrew word yab mean?

Yab does not appear to be a Hebrew word, because Hebrew words cannot end with b (unless it's a word borrowed from Arabic or another language).

What is the Hebrew word for died?

to die = lamoot (למות). In order to conjugate the past tense form, "died", subject of the sentence would have to be known.. for example:. He died = hu met (הוא מת). She died = hi meta (היא מתה).

Hebrew word and meaning for create?

to create (refering to God's action) = bara (ברא) to create (referring to human action) = heemtsee (המציא)

What does the Hebrew word shabit mean?

We assume the question refers to the Hebrew word pronounced "shah-BAHT" in the Sephardic dialect of Hispanic and north African Jews, and pronounced "SHAH-boss" in the Ashkenazic dialect of Eastern European Jews. The word originates in the Torah, as the name of the seventh day set aside for sp ( Full Answer )

What is the Hebrew word for a?

There is no Hebrew word for "a". In Hebrew each noun has two forms - singular and plural, which are pronounced very differently, unlike the English way of adding an "-s" For example: Lion (or "a lion") - Arye Lions - Arayot However it is optional to add the word "Echad" (one) after the noun ( Full Answer )

What is the Hebrew word for golden?

Adjective: זהוב = Zahov (masculine) זהובה = Zehuva (feminine) זהובים = Zehuvim (masculine plural) זהובות = Zehuvot (feminine plural)

What is the hebrew word for victorious?

There is no Hebrew adjective for victorious. It would have to be described in context. He was victorious = He won (hu nitze'akh) Victorious battle = successful battle (ma'avak matzli'akh)

What is the Hebrew word for next?

It depends on the sentence, but the verb "to come" is usually used. next year = hashanah haba'ah (the coming year). next student = hastudent habah (the coming student).

What are the Greek and the Hebrew words for preacher?

In Hebrew, a male preacher = komehr (כומר) and a female preacher = komehret (כומרת). The Greek word for "Preacher" is "ιεροκήρυκας".

What is the Hebrew word for hey?

"Hey" is just as common in Israel as it is in English speaking countries, but you can also say "ahalan" or "shalom".. Hey is spelled היי.

Where did Jesus ask his father to glorify him that he may be glorified?

(John 17:3-8) ". . .This means everlasting life, their taking in knowledge of you, the only true God, and of the one whom you sent forth, Jesus Christ. I have glorified you on the earth, having finished the work you have given me to do. So now you, Father, glorify me alongside yourself with the gl ( Full Answer )

What is the Hebrew word for her?

her (possessive pronoun) = שלה (pronounced, sheh-LAH). "her" can also be indicated by the suffix -ah. For example: her book = hasefer shelah (הספר שלה) her book = sifrah (סיפרה)

What is the Hebrew word for will?

Will as in "drive" or "desire" = ratzon (רצון) Will as in "last will & Testament = tsava'a (צוואה) Will as a nickname for William = Veel (ויל) But if you are referring to the auxiliary verb that forms the future tense, that is done in Hebrew by conjugating ver ( Full Answer )

Is 'glorify' a word?

Yes. To glorify someone means to honor or praise them. To glorify also means to cause someone or something seem more splendid.

What is the Japanese word for glorify?

美化する /bi ka su ru/ or 栄光をたたえる /ei kou wo ta ta e ru/ mean 'to give glory to, glorify, praise'.

Where is the word glorified used in scripture?

John 12:23 Jesus said, "The hour has come for the Son of Man to be glorified." John 12:28 "Father, glorify your name!" Then a voice came from heaven, "I have glorified it, and will glorify it again." John 13:31 When he was gone, Jesus said, "Now is the Son of Man glorified and God is glorified ( Full Answer )

What is glorify or damn?

Glorify means to praise or to give glory to. The other word means to condemn, or in a religious context, to cause eternal suffering.

What is the Hebrew word for to?

In Hebrew, to is expressed by a prefix. It is the letter lamed (ל) followed by a vowel that may vary. the most common form is leh- (לְ). There is also a stand-alone word for to, which is el (אל).

What is the Hebrew word for have?

There is no Hebrew word for "have". Possession is expressed with prepositions. I have a book = yesh li sefer (literally: "there is to me a book")

What Hebrew words start with the Hebrew letter nun?

Hundreds of Hebrew words start with nun (נ) including:. נגד Against . נגמר Finished . נהדר Fabulous . נהיה Be . נו Well . נוכל Crook . נוסף More . נורא Terrible . נותן Gives . נזוז Move . נחמד Nice . ניסיתי I tried . ( Full Answer )