What is the Hilton OnQ system?

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* Commitment to Technology - OnQ™ is the Hilton Family of Hotels' proprietary technology platform that integrates multiple capabilities onto one system to support hotel reservations & sales, guest service, operations and business intelligence-gathering activities. OnQ™ provides guest information to team members on demand - prompting them to act "on cue" to guest preferences and service recovery alerts - delighting customers and helping create a bond of loyalty to the Hilton Family of Hotels. It is a suite of technology components that "cue" hotel operators to respond decisively to current market conditions and make informed business decisions with historical trends and competitive data at hand. It's all you need, and it's included in one system - OnQ™. That's amazing enough, but getting this turnkey solution is also easy to acquire and maintain. Given both the importance of technology and the rapid pace of technological change, Hilton Hotels Corporation has taken a leading stand in providing technology to hotels that is continually refreshed with the hardware platform necessary to support this leading-edge solution. We believe by providing your hotel with the right technology tools and an easy way to obtain it, we can help your property become more efficient and effective to help you drive more profit to your bottom line. The considerable buying power of the Hilton Family of Hotels keeps technology costs economical while delivering a huge upside benefit. Each brand has a financial assistance program available to help minimize the need for a capital budget to get started and keep the hardware refreshed.

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Q: What is the Hilton OnQ system?
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