Hubble Space Telescope

What is the Hubble Telescope?

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The Hubble Telescope is a telescope that orbits the earth every 97 minutes

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What type of telescope is the hubble telescope?

The Hubble Telescope is a reflecting space telescope.

When did Edwin Hubble invent the telescope?

Edwin Hubble did not invent the telescope.

Who was the hubble telescope named after?

The Hubble Telescope was named after its designer Edwin Hubble.

What type of optical telescope is the hubble space telescope?

The Hubble Space telescope is a reflecting telescope.

What was the hubble space telescope named after?

The Hubble Space Telescope was named after Edwin Hubble,

What was Edwin Hubble know for?

Telescope, hence the hubble telescope!

What is the difference between radio telescope and the Hubble space telescope?

The Hubble telescope is a reflecting optical telescope.

What are the uses of the hubble telescope?

the hubble telescope is used to view of planets

What is the Comparison between Hubble and Galileo telescope?

what is the comparison between Hubble telescope and Galileo telescope

What telescope is replacing the Hubble telescope?

The replacement for the Hubble is called the James Webb Space Telescope.

What type of telescope does the Hubble space telescope use?

The Hubble Space telescope is a reflecting Telecope

Why the Hubble telescope is unique?

The Hubble telescope is unique because it was the first space telescope. Also, the Hubble is one of the largest and most versatile.

Who made The Hubble Telescope?

Edwin Hubble made the Hubble Telescope you could tell by his last name.

Who came up with the idea for the hubble space telescope?

Edwin "hubble" made the design for the "Hubble" telescope

Is the Hubble telescope the biggest telescope in the world?

No, the biggest telescope in the world currently is the Large Binocular Telescope. But Hubble is the biggest spacetelescope.

How much does the Hubble telescope weigh?

The Hubble Telescope weighs 24,500 pounds.

What is the name of the telescope that they use to see galaxies?

the hubble telescope edwin hubble :)

What is the device that takes pictures in space?

Hubble telescope The Hubble Space Telescope.

How many hubble space telescope are there?

There is only one Hubble telescope in space.

Why was the Hubble Space Telescope related to Edwin Hubble?

Edwin P. Hubble is related to the Hubble space telescope because he suggested that we launch a telescope into space so they named it after Edwin's last name, Hubble.

What is hubble telescope?

The Hubble Space Telescope (HST; also known colloquially as "the Hubble" or just "Hubble") is a space telescope that was carried into Earth orbit by the Space Shuttle in April 1990.

What is the strongest telescope?

the hubble telescope is

How many people built the hubble telescope?

More than 10,000 scientists built the Hubble Telescope. They were assigned to work on different parts of the Hubble Telescope.

Who is the Hubble Telescope named after?

Edwin Hubble

Who is hubble telescope named after?

Edwin Hubble