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Q: What is the Hypothesis of a public vehicle belches a mass of smoke?
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What is the hypothesis of a public utility vehicle produce a mass of dark smoke?


What is the hypothesis of a public utility vehicle produces a mass of dark smoke?


Why do people like to smoke in public places?

Itz not that they LIKE to smoke in a public place itz just if they need a smoke they'll smoke where they are and sometimez that happenz to be in a public place.

Is it legal to smoke medicated marjuana in a public place an spose som oene who dosent smoke?

It is legal to smoke marijuana in public. It is only legal is it given by the doctor.It is legal to smoke medicated marijuana in public. You should only smoke what the doctor told you too.

Can you smoke in the Paris airport?

No, you can't smoke inside public buildings in France. That is still permitted outdoors.No, it is forbidden to smoke in every public spaces.

How many people smoke in India?

15% public smoke.

Is vehicle smoke poisonous?


How get oxygen from vehicle smoke?

You don't.

What is good about smoke banning in public places?

they banned smoking in public buildings so that non smokers wouldn't be forced to inhale the smoke (second hand smoke)

What to do to prevent pollution produces by smoke belching vehicle?

Service or replace the engine. A vehicle does not emit much smoke if it is in good condition and running properly.

Does smoke of a vehicle a physical or chemical change?

Smoke is not a change but a complex mixture; producing smoke is a chemical process.

Is it possible for exhaust smoke to get inside the vehicle?