What is the IQ range?


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If you are talking about statisitics, in a box and whisker graph it is the interquartile range.

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An IQ of 161 is very high- in the Genius range of IQ. Albert Einstein was estimated to have had an IQ of 161.

And IQ of 113 is considered slightly above average. (The average range being between 90 and 110). A person with an IQ in the 130-140 range is considered "gifted". An IQ of over 140 is very rare and is considered in the genius range.

IQ (intelligence quotient) is a test that scores human intelligence. The IQ range for a thirteen year old ranges from 90 to 100.

Various websites have varying numbers about obama's IQ that range from 116 to 148(they were not factual, only an estimation). His IQ number is probably somewhere in that range.

It is within the "High Average" range of IQ values.

Hillary Clinton's IQ score is 140. On the IQ scale, this puts her in the high range of "Exceptional."

No, not at all. If your IQ measures 112, you are in the "bright" area of the normal range.

Yes. 119 is in the high end of the "Superior" range of intelligence.

120 is a fairly good IQ- in the Very Superior range.

no, it's average. only your IQ is probably a range, 95-100.

If your IQ score was 53, you have mild mental retardation.

Severely retarded individuals have IQ scores of 20-40.

IQ scores fall in a range from 0 to 200. You need to validate the score.

That is considered within the normal range. It is on the low side.

It falls withing the normal range for an IQ. Average is considered 100 with a range of 10 points either way.

The EPA range estimate for the 2012 Scion iQ is 306.0 mi. in the city, 314.5 mi. on the highway.

The EPA range estimate for the 2013 Scion iQ is 306.0 mi. in the city, 314.5 mi. on the highway.

The EPA range estimate for the 2014 Scion iQ is 306.0 mi. in the city, 314.5 mi. on the highway.

The average IQ for a human being is between 95 to a 100. The average IQ for someone is 100, or the range of 90-110.

An IQ of 93 is definitely within normal range. The normal range is from 90 to 110, with 100 being the average. If you took the IQ test with a professional, then ask the professional about your results. If you took the IQ test online, then completely ignore those results. An IQ test can only be administered by a trained professional.

avg IQ is between 90-110. the 110 range is for avg college grads

Moderately retarded individuals have IQ scores ranging from 35-55.

Profoundly retarded individuals have IQ scores under 20-25.

Average IQ range is 90 to you are a little above average...The average college graduate has an IQ of 115...Hope this helps...

"no"Actually there is a hereditary aspect to IQ. Researchers argue that we inherit a range of potential IQ scores, and our environment determins where in this bandwidth our score will ultimately lie.

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