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Q: What is the Irish for Maximilian?
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How tall is Maximilian Zammit?

Maximilian Pelz is 175 cm.

What is the Gaelic for Maximilian?

Probably Maximilian as in English.

What is the birth name of Maximilian Artajo?

Maximilian Artajo's birth name is Maximilian Kwasniewski-Artajo.

How do you spell Maximilian?

The surname or given name may be Maximilian or also Maximillian.

What is st Maximilian symbol?

Maximilian Kolbe has no symbol.

When was Maximilian I born?

Maximilian I was born on March 22, 1459.

What is the antonym of the word Maximilian?

As Maximilian is a name it cannot have an opposite.

When was Maximilian Haider born?

Maximilian Haider was born in 1950.

When was Maximilian Kaller born?

Maximilian Kaller was born in 1880.

When did Maximilian Kaller die?

Maximilian Kaller died in 1947.

When was Maximilian Aichern born?

Maximilian Aichern was born in 1932.

When did Maximilian Spinola die?

Maximilian Spinola died in 1857.