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Muinice Treasa Máire are the Irish equivalents.

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Q: What is the Irish translation of monica therese Marie?
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When did Marie-Therese Bourgeois Chouteau die?

Marie-Therese Bourgeois Chouteau died in 1814.

When was Marie-Therese Bourgeois Chouteau born?

Marie-Therese Bourgeois Chouteau was born in 1733.

Who were Marie Therese Charlotte's kids?

Marie Therese Charlotte was the daughter of Marie Antoinette and Louis XVI. She never had any cildren.

What has the author Marie-Therese Bonvin written?

Marie-Therese Bonvin has written: '...a la lumiere des autres'

What is the name of Saint Therese?

Her birth name was Marie-Francoise-Therese Martin.

What is the full name of therese in lahug?

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Who was the father of St. Therese the Little Flower?

Therese of Lisieux, born as Francoise-Marie Therese Martin, was the youngest daughter of Blessed Louis Martin and Blessed Marie-Azelie Guérin Martin.

In the Columbia encyclopedia entry under the saint-jean-de-luz entry Marie therese of austria is mentioned shouldn't this be Marie therese of Spain?

no she wasthe mother of Marie antionette of France

Where was Saint Therese of Lisieux born?

Therese was born on January 2, 1873, at Alcon, Normandy, France as Francoise-Marie Therese Martin.