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== == Éire is the usual name used in modern Irish, and is one of the two official names of the Republic of Ireland. "Éirinn" is the dative case, while "Éireann" is the genitive case. Older names include Banba, Fodla, Ériu and Erin.
The word for Ireland in the Irish language is Éire. Note the line above the first letter, which is known as a fada.
Éire (ae-rih)

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Q: What is the Irish word for Ireland?
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Is the word Irish a proper noun?

Yes, the word 'Irish' is a proper noun as a word for the people of Ireland as a group; as a word for the language of Ireland.The word 'Irish' is the proper adjective form of the proper noun Ireland. The adjective Irish describes someone or something of or from Ireland.

Why did they name Ireland?

It is derived from the Irish word 'Éire'. Éire means Ireland in Irish.

Four letter word for Ireland?

The word for Ireland in the Irish language is Éire.

What does the word Ireland look in gaeilge?

Éire is the Irish word for Ireland, and its official name. You will see it on Irish coins and stamps.

What Irish people called Ireland?

They call it "Erin".In Irish Language or 'Gaeilge' Ireland is spelt Éire.Erin is a Hiberno-English derivative of the Irish word "Éirinn". ("Éirinn" is the dative case of the Irish word for Ireland - "Éire". So Irish people call Ireland Éire and notErin.

What is a Punt coin Eire?

Éire is the Irish word for Ireland, and a Punt was an old currency of Ireland. prior to the euro.

What is a 4 letter word for another name of Ireland?

Ireland is sometimes refered to as Eire, the Irish word.

Change the word Ireland to a proper adjective?


What is is the meaning of Γ‰ire?

Éire is the Irish word for Ireland.

Is an Irish Eire a Penny?

No. Eire is the Irish for Ireland. Pingin is Irish for Penny.

What is the English word for the Irish word EIR?

EIR short for Éire (Ireland)?

Erin is what?

The Irish word for Ireland derived from Eirann to Eirinn.

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