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Q: What is the Japanese word for caring?
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What is the Japanese word for caring community?

Omoiyari no aru komyuniti

What is the Japanese word that means caring-community?

Omoiyari no aru komyuniti

How many syllables does caring have?

The word caring has two syllables.

What is a word similar to the word caring?


Can you give me a sentence with the word caring?

His mother was not a very caring individual.

What word can you get out caring?

How about "racing"?

What is one word describing a caring person?

I would describe that person as being Friendly.

A word for caring that starts with i?


What is a word for caring that starts with the letter E?

A word that is somewhat similar to the word 'caring' is 'empathetic', which means to understand other people's feelings, thoughts, and motives.

What is the verb form of caring?

A verb is an action word. If a person is with care, then they are being cared for. Someone is caring about them. Caring and cared are the verbs.

Domiudsai a word in Japanese?

This is not a Japanese word.

How do you say the word it in Japanese?

Japanese does not have a word for "it."