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Intuition is chokkan in Japanese.

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Q: What is the Japanese word for intuition?
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Is intuition an adverb?

No, the word "intuition" is not an adverb.The word "intuition" is actually a noun.

What type of noun is intuition?

The noun 'intuition' is a singular, common, abstract noun; a word for an ability or understanding, a word for a thing.

What is an antonym for the word intuition?

An antonym for intuition (instinctive or emotional sense) would be reasoning (logical sense).

What word means knowing without reasoning?


What is the Italian translation of the English word 'intuition'?

Intuito and intuizione are Italian equivalents of the English word "intuition."Specifically, the masculine noun intuito means "intuition" in the sense of perspicaciousness. The feminine noun intuizione translates as "intuition" in terms of "direct perception, eureka moment." The respective pronunciations will be "een-TOO-ee-to" and "een-TOO-ee-TSYO-ney" in Italian.

What are things you were born knowing how to do mean?

Intuition is a word that fits that concept.

What rhymes with the word definition?

ignition intuition fishin' fission ammunition tuition

Domiudsai a word in Japanese?

This is not a Japanese word.

How do you say the word it in Japanese?

Japanese does not have a word for "it."

What does the Japanese word Abbi mean?

Abbi does not appear to be a Japanese word.

Choose the correct answer. By recognizing this word you can protect yourself from danger.?

Intuition. By trusting your gut feeling or intuition, you may be able to recognize potential threats and protect yourself from danger.

What is the Japanese word for scared and Cute?

The Japanese word for cute is Kawaii, The Japanese word for scared Kowai