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Q: What is the Keith Scott?
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When was Keith Scott born?

Keith Scott was born on 1954-07-20.

When was Keith Scott - voice actor - born?

Keith Scott - voice actor - was born in 1957.

Who did Dan Scott murder?

Keith Scott.

When did Dan Scott kill Keith Scott in One Tree Hill?

Dan Scott killed Keith Scott in episode "With Tired Eyes, Tired Minds, Tired Souls, We Slept" (season 3, episode 16)

What is the birth name of Keith Markey?

Keith Markey's birth name is Keith Scott Markey.

What has the author Keith Douglas Scott written?

Keith Douglas Scott has written: 'Before ANZAC, beyond Armistice'

Where can one read wrestling reviews by Scott Keith?

There are plenty of places on the internet offering wrestling reviews by Scott Keith. However, it is strongly suggested that one should check out the blog of Scott.

How did they find out that Dan Scott killed Keith Scott in One Tree Hill?

He went to the police and told them that he had killed Keith the day of the school shooting.

What has the author Keith Scott written?

Keith Scott has written: 'The moose that roared' -- subject(s): Bullwinkle show (Television program)

When did Keith Scott get shot in One Tree Hill?

Keith was shot in season 3 of One Tree Hill by Dan Scott inside Tree Hill High.

What has the author Keith L Scott written?

Keith L. Scott has written: 'Office job evaluation' -- subject(s): Job evaluation, Office management

Did Francesca Scott write star spangled banner?

I believe it was 'Francis Keith' Scott a male.

Who is Keith to lucas on One Tree Hill?

Keith is Lucas' uncle. He is the brother of Lucas' dad Dan Scott.

Who are Richard pelzers brothers?

Ross, Scott, David, Keith

What episode did Keith Scott die in?

series 3, episode 16

What season did Keith Scott die on One Tree Hill?

the third

What has the author Keith Scott Watson written?

Keith Scott Watson has written: 'Single to Spain' -- subject(s): British Personal narratives, History, Personal narratives, British, Spain Civil War, 1936-1939

Who is the father of karen's new baby on One Tree Hill?

Keith Scott

Who is baby did Karen have on One Tree Hill?

Lily Roe Scott is the daughter of Karen Roe and the late Keith Scott (Lucas' Uncle)

How is lucas healding from the death of Keith in the movie One Tree Hill?

First of all, One Tree Hill isn't a movie, it is a tv series. Lucas Scott found out that his Dad, Dan Scott murdered Keith Scott, his uncle. Lucas is feeling sad and alone. He is depressed but mostly angry. Throught out season 4, he tries to fid out who killed him.

What did dan Scott do in One Tree Hill?

dan Scott shot his brother - Keith - in the school corridor in season 3 at point blank range and in season 4 he then confessed to the police

What actors and actresses appeared in Hiawatha - 1988?

The cast of Hiawatha - 1988 includes: Noga Bernstein Ron Haddrick Scott Higgins Lloyd Morris Keith Scott Dan Simmonds

What actors and actresses appeared in The Perfunctory Discord - 2012?

The cast of The Perfunctory Discord - 2012 includes: Mike Kimmel as Keith Flippen Scott Shilstone as Scott Han Soto as The Captured

Who is lily in one tree hill?

Lily is the daughter of the Karen and Keith. Keith is killed in season 3 because his brother dan shoots him, but before that Karen gets pregnant. Lucas feels very good knowing that a part of keith will still be with the family by way of his daughter Lily Scott.

What is the cast name on One Tree Hill?

Lucas Scott - Chad Michael Murray Nathan Scott - James Lafferty Peyton Sawyer - Hilarie Burton Brooke Davis - Sophia Bush Haley James Scott - Bethany Joy Galeotti Karen Roe - Moira Kelly Dan Scott - Paul Johansson Keith Scott - Craig Scheffer