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"Garden" is an English equivalent of "hortus."

The Latin word is a masculine noun. It has no singular definite article, because Latin does not have the equivalent of "the." But the masculine word "unus" means "one."

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"Hortum" is a form of the Latin noun "hortus," meaning garden. Hence horticulture is the craft of gardening.

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Q: What is the Latin 'hortus' in English?
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What is the Latin word for garden?

The Latin word for garden is hortus. We get the English word horticulture from it.

What is the English derivative of the root 'hortus'?

The English derivative of the Latin root 'hortus' is "horticulture," which refers to the practice of cultivating gardens and tending to plants.

What does hortus mean?

"Hortus" is a Latin word that means "garden" or "orchard."

What is the meaning of the wordhortus?

The Latin word hortus is equivalent to "garden" in English language.

What is the English derivation of 'hortus'?

horticulture, meaning gardening

What does the root word hort mean?

this stem comes from the Latin word hortus which means "garden"

What is 'garden' in Latin?

"Hortus" is a Latin equivalent of "garden."The Latin word is a masculine noun. Latin has no definite articles that would find their equivalents in the English "the." But the masculine word "unus" means "one."

What is the latin word for park?

The phrase Hortus Ortus is the Latin phrase for the English word Park. This is only used in terms of grounds, not as a way to stop your car.

Translation of Secret Garden in latin?

Nel giardino is an Italian equivalent of the English phrase "in the garden."Specifically, the word nel combines the preposition in with the masculine definite article il to mean "in the." The masculine noun giardino means "garden."The pronunciation is "nehl djyahr-DEE-noh."

What is the latin plural of hortus?

I suspect it would be Horti

How would you say Wisdom Garden in Latin?

Hortus sapientiae

What is the plural form for the latin of garden?

Hortus is garden; horti is gardens.