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Q: What is the Latin word for honor?
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What is honor in Latin?

the latin word honor, honoris translates to honor or glory.

How do you say honor in roman letter?

but there are many ways to say it in latin*excolo: to honor , polish, adorn, refine.*fides: promise, word of honor, trust, confidence, reliance, belief, faith.*honor: honor, esteem*macto: to magnify, glorify, honor.*ornamentum: trappings; furniture; decorations, weapons; honor, distinction

Where did the word honest come from?

Middle English, from Anglo-French, from Latin honestushonorable, from honos, honor honor.

How do you say strength and honor in latin?

The Latin translation of 'Honor and Integrity' is 'Honoris et Honestatis.' Though there are several Latin words for honor, 'honoris' is the most common pairing with the word for integrity, 'honestatis.'

Honour in Latin?

In the Classical period, the word for "honour" in Latin had two nominative (subject) forms, honos (with the second "o" being long) and honor. Honos was the original form, but honor became standard in later Latin. It is a masculine 3rd-declension noun, genitive honoris.Honestus, -a, -um is the adjective form, and like all adjectives must have the proper gender ending. And honeste with the last e being long is the adverb form if you need it.

What is the Latin word for praise or honor?

praise = laus (for example: magna cum laude; with great praise)

What is For honor in Latin?

"for the sake of honor": honoris causa or honoris gratia.

Where does the word memorial come from?

Memory comes from the Latin, memoria, and means to be mindful or to remember.

What is the family moto for the surname McKenna?

Prudentia et Honor. In Latin. Ignorantly believed at the time (late Middle Ages) to mean "Prudence and Honor". The term "honor" actually in correct Latin coming from the word "hones" as in "cursus honorem". This phrase referred to the Roman "course of office"--ie quaestor, aedile, praetor, consul. As the achievement of the "offices" in the old Roman Republic over time morphed into the "honor" (in Latin "virtutes") of the "office". So honor actually means high office.

What is the root word for honor?

There is no root word for honor. honor is a root word.

What is kumlada?

Latin for Honor Kumlada, Magna kumlada, great honor, Suma Kumlada highest honor.

How do you say Love faith and honor in latin?

Amor, fides, et honor.