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What is the clown fish life cycle?

i is a born animal

Life cycle of a clown fish?

it starts out as a egg and then they go to

What is the life cycle of a Stone Fish?

the life cycle of a stone fish is it is a big loser

What species eat clown fish?

There are many species of larger fish that would eat Clown Fish if they could but the Clown fish lives its life in amongst the poisonous tentacles of a Sea anemone. This protects it from all predators.

What is the life cycle of the angler fish?

the egg,larvae,fry,and adult.Is the life cycle of the angler fish

What is a clown fish in french?

Clown fish in french is poisson clown

What are clown fish defense?

a clown fish defense is a person are a animal that eats a clown fish

What is the life cycle of a betta fish?

The life cycle of a betta Fish goes like this: *They hatch *They live *They die

What is the life span of a clown fish?

the answer is 3-5 years

Is clown fish a bird?

Hm let me see. Clown FISH Clown FISH My guess would be it's a ........FISH! ~Me~

What is an adaptation of a clown fish?

clown fish have oil based scales that allow them to swim and live freely among otherwise dangerous sea life

How do you explain why clown fish are called clown fish?

In finding nemo. they were clown fish and they made jokes.

What is the life cycle of the Dragonfish?

My answer is maybe has the same life cycle as a normal fish.

What is an orange an white fish called?

Clown fish A Clown Fish

Is the clown fish poisonous?

No the clown fish is not poisonous.

What about chemistry on clown fish?

what about chemistry on clown fish

Is a clown fish a jawless fish?

Clown fish do have jaws, so they are not a jawless fish.

What is a baby clown fish name?

Technically, a baby clown fish is called a baby clown fish. There is no scientific name, except for a clown fish. These are fish that are orange and white, like Nemo.

Do clown fish have any lungs?

No clown fish are normal fish and have gills.

Can you get freshwater fish that look like clown fish?

Yes, you can. A freshwater fish that looks like a clown fish is known as a clown loach.

What do clown fish drink?

Clown fish drink water. Clown fish are a fish that live in salt waters of the Indian and Pacific Oceans.

What is the ecological niche of the Clown Fish?

The clown fish protects anemone from butterfly fishAlso the waste of clown fish works as feterlizer

How long do clown fish hibernate?

Clown fish do not hibernate

Do clown fish have enemies?

yes clown fish do have enimies

Can you have freshwater clown fish?

There is no such thing as a freshwater clown fish